Street Fighter ST/AE at Evo

I noticed that on the sign up for Evo West SF ST/AE is using console AE, does this mean that championship Bison will be allowed? championship Guile? The original SF chars? or will you be restricting it to ST chars?

Any thing goes bud.

Hope to see you there. Im sure you will bust some ass with that Honda of yours.

is that the official word? cuz CE bison just makes things stupid.

akuma is banned in all st tournies in north america. i daresay he’s banned in japan too.l
win with him in money matches. $$ :wink: :confused:

Actually, he isn’t banned in Japan. Not officially, anyhow. It’s a soft ban, really. They won’t pick him because they consider it dishonorable to do so. I’ve seen Akuma used in a Japanese tournament DVD before.

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lol… im so glad I read this post… I was looking to pick Akuma as a player… hmm now i gotta decide who to use… Im good with all of the fighters to a “T” but mostly pick… actully… I pick any1 lol but why or should I say for what particular reason is Akuma banned for? What are the reasons or main reason of that!?

Actually, in one of the Master Secret Cup tourneys in Japan, an Akuma made the final 16. They split the players into 2 pools of 8 and do round-robin, with the top 2 from each pool moving on to the semis.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the Akuma lost to everyone in his pool except for the lone Gief player. So at the highest level, I’m not really sure how “unbeatable” he truly is. Tiny sample size, I know, but food for thought. shrug


AE is not ST for the last time!!!

Akuma is considered an ST character so if you do not pick an ST character in AE then Akuma cannot tech throw. And characters like CE Vega, CE Sagat, CE Bison, CE Ken, CE Ryu, WW Guile, WW Dhalsim, WW Chun Li, HF Ryu, HF Ken, etc. will own that shoto scrub known as Akuma for free. Plus when he throws the air fireball he does not get pushed into the air, so without timing he will just land on a Tiger, Yoga Fire, Hadouken, etc. and the guy throwing the projectile will be able to block the air fireball. Air fireball is useless against CE Bison, because CE Bison can map the headstomp like WW Bison (I.E. jump so high that he’s off the screen until he lands on the opponents head). CE Sagat’s Tiger shots are faster than Akuma’s. A Dhalsim player can zone Akuma with his long arms. The only thing that would make Akuma banned in Hyper Street Fighter II Anniversary Edition is that he has no recovery time for dizzies. That’s about it. So if people don’t like that Akuma doesn’t get dizzy then yes he should be banned. But if people don’t care about Akuma’s dizzy properties then Akuma should be playable in the tournament. Like I stated earlier. There are a lot of characters that can and will beat Akuma. You guys have to know all or most of the properties of this game, like which attack has more speed over another and which throw can throw someone out of shorts and jabs, etc.

One player of unknown skill enters one tournament that softbans akuma. There’s not much to go on there. Does the fact that he lost mean that akuma is fair, or does it mean he wouldn’t be a top 256 player if he wasn’t allowed to use akuma?

The situation being discussed here is a tournament with 2 grand in prizes where it’s suddenly ok and encouraged for anyone to pick akuma, 3 weeks before the event, in a game where there was 0 effort to allow akuma beforehand. Noone sees a problem with this?

Who knows it may even be true in the end. Although i’m not sure how characters without reversals (WW) are going to be winning.

The larger concern is that re-allowing akuma at this point would make the tournament very unstable. In addition to the normal worries everyone has about AE, whether CE characters dominate etc…

People don’t even use akuma online and I don’t even know how to pick him in AE, so you would need to start a movement of akuma-allowed tournaments and start gathering data. But keep in mind that by the time you finish all this, CCC2 may come out, players may migrate back to ST and the original scenario where he is banned.

I think that while Akuma is too good to be in the game and he should be banned, I also feel that he is way over rated. People make it sound like he is just completely unbeatable, but that’s not the case. I had to play against a lot of Akumas in Japan, and really he is beatable.

It’s just that he makes the game totally not fun at all. :sad:

Co-sign. You’re playing a completely different game when you fight Akuma. It doesn’t help that even a below average player tossing air FBs at the right time can shut down certain characters(Gief ;_;).

Most of my matches against Akumas have been determined by time over, win and loss. It’s fucking stupid and doesn’t need to be seen at EVO.

triple sign. which is why i wanted the money matches in the first place. nothing like going empirical.:wink: :karate:

I have beaten good Akumas in Anniversary Edition, just not in Super Turbo. We should all vote whether or not Akuma will be in Anniversary Edition. We live in a Democratic Society and not a Dictatorship. So let’s make a poll and let the members of SRK vote on whether or not Akuma should be allowed in AE for tournament play.

Also, is this game going to be on Speed 3 or Speed 4? Speed 4 US version = Speed 3 Japanese Version. Speed 3 for US is Speed 2 for Japanese.

If you allow CE Bison in you might as well allow Akuma.

CE Bison is BROKE!!!
He has a move that you have to 50/50 guess on from wake up. And if you guess wrong and he scissor kicks you GAME OVER. Re-dizzy combo, next round.

It’s retarded.

The properties of that psycho crusher are NOT like they were in the original Champion Edition. Like sometimes if you’re taking the full hit from it, the very last hit of it, you have to block the other way. WTF? I’d rather play real CE Bison than AE CE Bison, there’s a huge difference.

I’m surprised I’m the only one who’s complaining about this.

I mean if you’re gonna ban anyone, ban CE Bison.

I agree that Akuma is an especially hard match up for certain characters, but at least you can block his moves, he can’t redizzy you.

And since it seems you guys consider Japanese tournaments to be the standard bearer, have you ever seen AE CE Bison being used in a Japanese tournament?
If Akuma is dishonerable, AE CE Bison should be too. I agree someone jumping back into his own corner doing Akuma air fireballs is bad, but someone doing what can be virtually an unblockable psycho crusher on you over and over and then redizzying you to death is worse.

I agree. I picked Akuma and my opponent picked CE Bison. Guess what? I got owned. Air fireballs don’t mean shit to CE Bison.

Democracy != everyone voting on everything anytime one of like 20,000 people feels like it. The power of democracy is that you can start to develop your pro-akuma case without getting just banned for disagreeing, that you can continue to run your own tournaments with akuma allowed, and continue to represent your side in a non-destructive way without being harassed.

For some reason recently are skipping that pesky ‘work’ part of democracy, and think that “Hey I (just now!) thought about this, and heres what i decided, now you go do something about it or else”. It doesn’t work that way.

Many players feel that CE Bison is beatable, and many have proclaimed that they will not lose to CE Bison. Unlike akuma, who noone has played or practiced against, ever!.

Anyone who was playing in CE is not suprised by CE Bison, and AE players have been playing against him since the game came out, and generally do not want to play with him banned, as they already have planned the anti- CE Bison portion of their strategy.

There is plenty of opportunity to play/practice against Akuma online. People do play Akuma online. The same game in which people are practicing CE Bison has Akuma. People have had the same amount of time to play/practice with each character.

I was playing back in CE, and I am surprised with CE Bison. Like I said the properties of his psycho crusher are NOT the same as they were in CE. His psycho crusher in AE is totally different and totally broken.

Where is your proof that people don’t want CE Bison banned?

Akuma has been somewhat banned the entire time, all online akuma matches are treated as irrelavant, and there has been no indication of a need to practice or account for akuma. Online tournaments have not allowed them either.

Much like playing on Turbo 1, the option is in the game, i’ve seen people play on it, but noone is actually playing seriously on it expecting to ever need to use it.

Ok then we will not play with Akuma then. I’m going to make a prediction. The top 3 will either have CE Bison, WW Guile, CE Sagat, some form of Vega, some form of Blanka, or some form of Ken. Also, is the game going to be US Turbo 3 or US Turbo 4? ST turbo 0 = AE turbo 1; ST turbo 1 = AE turbo 2; ST turbo 2 = AE turbo 3 and finally ST turbo 3 = AE turbo 4