Street Fighter Statue Thread - VEGA!

hopefully this topic is ok here. Sano, or if anyone else feels to move it please do so and apologies if I should have posted it elsewhere.

This is from the man who brought you statues of Akuma/Shin Akuma and Ryu/Evil Ryu-Jerry Macaluso and his company Pop Culture Shock Collectibles and he is a huge street fighter fan. I remember when this was once just an Udon comic forum and street fighter was heavily discussed here. hopefully this statue sparks some interest especially with the Udon comics hopefully coming back full force this year.

you can order it here- and it will become available to order on May 15th.

from his myspace-Street Fighter VEGA Statue !

My new Street Fighter ‘Vega’ Statue starts pre-orders on May 15th on . It islimited to 400 pieces with a price of $250usd It also includes a Certificate Of Authenticity signed by myself.

there will be a masked version and an unmasked variant. masked pics-

from his myspace-

Street Fighter VEGA Sideshow Exclusive !!

Sideshow ill also have an Exclusive version of the Vega statue that not only includes the standard versions head and hands BUT ALSO INCLUDES an additional , interchangable ‘Maskless’ head as well as an additional hand holding Vegas signature mask.

This piece will be VERY limited to 200 pieces worldwide and also comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity.

unmasked pics-

The thread can stay here no worries. I mean they sell figures, statues, busts etc. in comic book shops afterall. :smile:

Check out Pop Culture Shock Collectibles’ Street Fighter statues

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is making the world’s best Street Fighter products right now. And the owner/sculptor is an awesome guy to boot.
Check out the statues. They’re mixed-media statues, meaning they have realistic cloth clothing unlike traditional statues.
This week, Vega will go up for pre-order with an alternate unmasked version also available, that includes both the unmasked and masked heads. Check out these pics of them:

And check here for all the info:

But he’s also already released Ryu, evil Ryu, Akuma and shin Akuma.
Check out Ryu here:
And evil Ryu here:

Unfortunately you’ll have to resort to ebay to find Akuma and shin Akuma because they sold out so quickly, but you can check out the shin Akuma here:

And check out the official myspace:
There’s great pics of the statues there, including pics of the Akuma statue in development.

And this isn’t advertising. I’m doing this because the company and the man behind the company are awesome.

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in keeping with old traditions, another random non-comic book yet SF-related thread for you, sano

LOL they do sell figures, statues, PVC statues and so on in comic book stores so it’s fine. We even have a big old Action Figure thread heh! Yeah any threads you get about toys feel free to toss them to me no prob. Artayes kind of already has a thread on the same thing here, I think I’ll just merge the threads to make it a big SF statue thread. I’ll do that tomorrow…

Merged the two threads. Retitled the thread but if there are any other suggestions just let me know and I’ll change that no problem. :smile:

thanks,Sano. I was not sure if it was ok here.:sweat: hopefully Vega sells well online and the comic shops like Akuma and Ryu did and we can keep getting more of them.I could not even imagine how nice a Karin or Oro would be.!:open_mouth:

and could you imagine a Chun Li statue? :wgrin: I would prefer her more in the alpha outfit, but maybe we will get both.

They need to make smaller PVC versions of them.

Seriously, I like them, they look awesome, but I’m not going to dump $250 in one
I used to for BERSERK statues, but I’ve sold them now.

Jerry’s next mixed media statue pic over at the capcom board in the Vega thread. Also, please post “legit” comments over there.

did anyone here ever get ANY of those crazy priced statues?

About a year back I was on the waiting list for that $250 dollar Shin Akuma figure, IE behind all the people who reserved it since only like 100 were made. None of the people ahead of me backed out and I didn’t get one. Hella mad since it was the Shin Akuma of CVS2 and CFE, his skin has a reddish tint and the kanji on his back is different than the Shin Akuma of the regular Street Fighter games. Well, probably better off. $250 is A LOT of money…

Thats gay. You were actually willing to pay the amt and they ran out? no more on ebays?

I probably could of found it on Ebay for higher or lower but it’s like one of the things you second guess yourself about, you know? Again, that’s a lot of money… I could buy like what, 4 next gen video games for that price? Seriously… :rofl:

Idk man, I always thought that was for ppl who werent just “hahd-coh fans.” I always thought those statues were for those ppl that were just extremely well off.

Even if I did buy it, I know I’d be telling myself “yeah well if it comes down to it I can always sell it when it becomes a rarer hot item”…when i know “yea thats just a bunch of BS”

Really? I try being selective on the things I buy now. I usually end up breaking even/minimal loss or profit when I decide to let some collectibles go. I’m dirt poor but plan to drop $2K on this thing.

Morrigan, and her head sculpt looks way better this time.

Mind posting the pics somewhere for those of us who don’t want to sign up for the forum?

Use bugmenot.