Street Fighter Story Lines For The Future

I know that the endings of most characters in SF usually tend to not make sense, and storyline isn’t something that Capcom is really THAT hardcore about, but I was wondering what some of you think the future holds for the cast of SFIV. Some of the things I wonder aboot:

Will any of the new characters return?
Is Charlie still alive? Will he return to fight, and maybe even teach Guile a new fucking move?
Will Sagat turn good?
Who was the girl (?) that Boxer found?
Will any of the other Seth’s survive?
Where chronilogically will future SF games take place (seeing as SFIV takes place before SFIII)?

Any other q’s you guys got?

Why do you post?

I think the best part about this thread is the actual thought put into the questions. It’s as if you’re expecting some engaging conversation to take place. :rofl:

They become Q.

Just want to point out that Sagat was never “bad”. The only reason he joined shadaloo was to be able to fight Ryu again. Ryu isn’t the kinda of guy that you can just go find and Sagat knew that Bison was searching for him.

wow, this actually makes a shocking amount of sense

couldn’t you put this shit in the fan fiction forum?

On second thought no, the fan fiction forum is kinda cool… this would not add to it.

Oh man… so many people have taken SF in so many directions it’s insane already… Capcom doesn’t even care anyway lol… The more people that want to step up and write mangas, comics, and crappy movie scripts based on their properties the merrier… More money for them… Seriously, I wonder what these guys do every time some other form of media craps all over Street Fighter. Do they have staff meetings just to laugh and count the money generated from this stuff? lol… I mean we’ve seen it all; poor anime (street fighter 2 v), craptastic Americanized cartoons, the malibu comics and two shitty movies. What’s next Capcom? IMO… The only good things that ever came from adaptations of SF were the Udon comics, Alpha manga and 2 animated movies. IMO…

Was’nt Urien and Gill the result of the Seths?

and did’nt Urien destroy Gill and the rest of the experiments?


Hold on.

Charlie, unless you count his weird dash Bazooka Knee and Supers, only knew how to Sonic Boom and Flash Kick. It would be awesome to see Guile have that beat-em-up combo instead of two dumb Flash Kicks as a Super.

Sagat’s not really a bad guy, but he certainly isn’t nice. Heck, Akuma’s not entirely bad either. He’s just obsessed with finding a worthy opponent to fight to the death with.

That “girl” was a young clone of Abel. A boy. Come on, now.