Street Fighter Talk

The Street Fighter Talk Series is finally here. I finally have launched the first episode and more. I hope u all enjoy and plz feel free to commment. The series has a large library and new episodes will be taken every saturday or friday.

Where you can find all your SFTalk episodes:
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The Whole Idea for this series came up on New Years where me and some friends started tryin to record some casual matches but from there it went crazy, its like watchin street fighter but u dont know what ur goona hear. Trust me you will all love it.:lovin:

If u would like to Participate in an episode plz send a PM or contact at

TOP PICKS (if ur goona download any, download these):
-Episode 1 -Episode 4 -Episode 8 - Episode 10 - Episode 17
-Episode 30 -More Top picks will be chosen soon

Hopefully Miyagi will post some more on here. I really liked all the ones we did. I was playing oro in most of these (blue and grey) and i can say these are CASUAL matches. i wanna see the rest plz . he he =D hope you guys enjoy.

EDIT: Miyagi has a link at the top now to find all the episodes he has uploaded. Please look there for downloading the majority of them. Enjoy.

For a twelve-year old who “forgets” how to parry, that kid sure can execute 360s.

EDIT: Also, I find your attitude to be pretty fucking poor. Don’t just laugh at a kid who sounds like he’s too young to really know what’s going on. Christ, he said “Can we play a round with no balls?” Laughing at him is exactly the kind of attitude that drives people away from serious play of fighting games and creates more mashers in DoA and SC.

How can you not laugh at that?

edit: ~20mb for ~1:30 of footage is not good btw.

LOL, That kid (BrotherScrub) is my little brother:rofl: . And he can actually play pretty well for his age. Were blood related, we can josh him, all my friends know him and he was jokin around too. He Is a funny kid thats all, we all… especially in later vids, just joke for fun, not to belittle other. We are all friends there.

Okay, to be fair, it IS a funny line.

All right, I believe you, but I still think you should have at least said something like “Parry that and follow it up with a clothesline.” Maybe I jumped the gun a little bit on calling you an asshole, but I just heard the elitist attitude that I thought was wrecking. I should have suspected from the Earthquake Bombs anyway.

Heres the second episode. Got a great responce and it seems to be a hit! Awsome.

Hear is the link to the second episode. StreetFighterTalk_episode2 enjoy!

EDIT: note the size is a little large for these but its well worth it. I have to say the reason for that is because of so much audio. Thanks for the input by the way :slight_smile:

Great you finally got these vids up online now man. I was the Dudley player in the 2nd episode there. These aren’t even the most hilarious vids up yet. That being said, we made these vids solely out of fun, not to showcase any decent playing skill.

Third Episode is out now too… this one is largest file yet. But you wont see many more this large. keep watchin for more… ill try and get as many out as possible over the next few days. They are already taken I just have to upload them to the server.

Hear is the link to the third episode. StreetFighterTalk_episode3 enjoy!

oh my god…stop, just stop

listen im sure it was funny for u guys in the heat of the moment…but the vids fail to provide the following.

1: any sf talk. sure u say “uppercut!” here there and “nice!” when somebody does a super…but is that supposed to be sf talk???

2: wheres the comedy? theres is no comedy…sure ure little bro must have cracked u guys up, but damn it, it wasnt funny for us.

3: the matches sucked, but I know u guys werent playing seriously and just casually anyways…still would have been nice to see something good out of this whole ordeal.

for sf talk, u guys oughta do something i dunno, seinfeild like, where u debate on such insignificant details as to what exactly does Ryu have in his bag and such…

  1. We named it SF talk because we somtimes talk about Street Fighter but other times we are totally random.

2.There are some funny ass episodes. Tell u what ill release my best choices for u to watch.

  1. as for matches, they aint attroatious but they aint great since we were laughin way to much. And as for shit like Ryu havin a bag and stuff likewise, we did all that. We even talked about some Chun li goodyness, which im sure SRK will love!

So look, im glad for your imput but not everyone is goona love this just most people :slight_smile:

These are casual matches and they capture the essence of gaming. I’m sorry it doesnt appeal to your humor but when I’m watching them I enjoy them fully. Sf talk implies matches with audio.

if everyone was all serious during matches I think that would suck… i mean this is to make u laugh. I hope when u play 3rd Strike u dont have a stick up :rolleyes: ur ass

wasnt he defending u?

I am confuzed

it wasnt directored toward anyone in particular lol

Oh man these are too funny. “Can we have a ball free match!?” “Wheres the roll in this game” “Is Dudley a shotokan to?”. I wanna see more.

episode 30 is a special episode, everyone is there but DevilJin 01 answers the well questioned…why people drop. Totally hillarious. Props to him for this.

Thanks for filming, sorry for no SF but we wanted to sit and enjoy his “philosophy”. this is worth gettin lol… a little different from the norm. and yes this is considered episode 30.


Episode 4, 8 , 10 , 17 and 30 so far have been uploaded ahead of time just because of request. These are must haves.

This shit is crazy.:rofl:

Oh shit you’re doing this out of Gaithursburg? PM me man, we need to get DevilJin01, Burningfist, me, and the rest of the crew in on this shit, I’m trying to get down with this seeing as how we have some especially random ass conversations when we play…

Do I know some of the people in this thread?