Street Fighter Tats? Got one

Sorry for the shitty quality, once it heals all the way I’ll get the digital camera out, still a little dirty 'cause it just got done coupla hours ago. You can barely see the P in this pic, but it’s there.

Jesus fuckin’ Christ I’m white, need to take pics at midnight or something in the dark.

now that’s dedication. :clapdos:

it looks like marker. =/

Well, when I clean it up and it heals a little more it’ll be lighter. Just don’t wanna rub any of the ink out, just got it. I wouldn’t show this shit off it it was marker.

Edit: I’ll try and get a better photo of it, does look like I just drew it on there. Never been to a real tattoo parlor, my boy has all the equipment(everything’s sterile/new) and nothing’s home-made so it’s not that bad for his price. Wonderin’ if the bandage they use at parlors sucks the ink in or something, or if my dude went over it too many times. It did take a while, and he made damn sure it was on there, so maybe the build up can just be washed off, but I’ll show ya a new one tomorrow when I feel safe washing it off. Don’t want part of an arrow to fall off or some shit.

So how are you going to hide that when going for an important job interview or something?

Just throwing that out there…

With some Ryu Gloves of course!

Don’t really care if someone doesn’t want to hire me 'cause I got something tattooed on myself, 'cause I wouldn’t want to work for them.

Edit: Yeah maybe I should get the gloves just in case, that’s a good idea… lol

Good luck in life

at least for us honda players, we can get a tat of :hcb::p: on our ass, and would not have to worry about not being able to get a job. :bgrin:

Dunno where everyone is from where there’s that strict of a dress code. I work, it’s not a problem in my work either.

LOL some people really really like street fighter. :rofl:

Can I ask what SF game do you play and how good are you??

Back before I got a tattoo Everyone was telling me to get Ryu doing a shoryuken or something, but I though it would look weird to get a grown dude on my arm so I got Mario instead. I think it was a good choice because mario can be applied to video games in general.

And the reason why the ink fades isn’t because of the bandage you use on it or anything like that, it’s simply because your skin heals back. So you will probably need a touch up some time later.


I play SF:4 currently but our little group here in Wichita, KS also plays SF2:Whatever version and 3rd Strike. We also rock MvC2, but just for fun we’re not into that for higher level play like we are for 4 and 3S.

My fav though is SF:4, unfortunately we don’t have many arcades here… and if we do they only have broken machines/no new ones so we mainly just play at houses and have little tourneys. Not big into the online play, but my GT is ZuuLSpaceman on live(it just ran out add me as a friend if you want to play 'cause I’m getting it back in a week), I’d say that I’m pretty damned good but definitely not to my full potential yet.

Yes, I use an arcade stick, and yes we’re into higher level play… I don’t think I’d be this dedicated to something I’m gonna suck at. I’d say on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best player in the world, I’m a solid 6/6.5 at least. In my group of friends, I’m in the top 3 at least(out of about 20 dedicated people who play all diff chars).

I know I said I’d take another pic of it, but all I got still is this dumb webcam, and it looks shitty 'cause it’s peeling and stuff. Def. gonna need some touchups, but looks like what it’s supposed to be. Least dude’ll do touchups for free :slight_smile:

I’m prolly gonna get a Ryu doing a shoryuken on my leg. The one ya’ll are gonna laugh at is I’m getting a Krang from ninja turtles on my stomach, like I’m the sentinal dude. No, I’m not a kid I’m in my 20s and I’m a computer programmer so they’re used to people like me :tup:

But, the next tat’s gonna be on the inside of my left arm of the Aerosmith logo with my mom’s birth/death date in it instead of the word aerosmith 'cause that was her fav. band and the wing’s are gonna say Last and Child 'cause that was her fav song.

Dun think I would ever get a nintendo tat, but that’s cool… he is a grown ma… midget man though :stuck_out_tongue:

haha yeah, you know what I mean. I went with him because he is cartoony unlike ryu. That’s funny about the Krang tat. I have a friend who used to joke that he was going to get kuato on his stomach.

i kinda looks like :d::d::df:

It’s the light covering the back part of the arrow.

i see it now… thats representing! i cant lie, the thought of a sf related tat had crossed my mind…