Street Fighter Tattoos


Okay so I do not know if this is a thread yet, but i wanted to see who in the community had SF tats that they wanted to show off.

I got mine in 2016 and am currently in the process of finishing it this month (July)

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@NickRocks has bes sf tat


I’ve always wondered if it was real or not


It’s fake. I know that guy. He’s a twat.


nobody with a kingdom sqwuarts wall scroll could ever be cool


KH1 is legit, nigga.


Nice tattoo man, will look great when its coloured am sure but erm, you know its still 2016 right?


I do not know that guy.

He’s a twat.


Feel blessed you don’t. He used to shitpost up a forum I was on years ago. He was my first foray into whiny internet troll. Hope he’s dead somewhere, tbh.


SRK user the martian OWNS this bad boy :badboy:


I like that Emure Shadaloo tat. Thinking about getting it as a chest piece




…i wouldnt get anything that was inspired by hitler.


You guys really need to do more homework on where the Street Fighter lore gets a lot of their imagery from before permanently putting it on your skin.


Final Fantasy tattoos are alright.


Seeing as how Capcom allows the DP shortcut that input sequence would probably still give you a shoryuken.

That would still suck though. It’s almost as bad as a tattoo that’s supposed to say “Angel” but it got spelled “Angle”


There are tats in this picture?

Don’t have any sf tats yet, but i’m finna get the ten symbol on my neck and the shadaloo logo on my left forearm.

Oh and i know where its inspired by, but hell the nazi symbol itself is based on a hindu(i believe) symbol for peace. It’s all on how you interpret things.


Yes. Really ugly ones.


Just noticed that the inputs for the SRK were wrong on that tat. That’s fucked up. And Shadoloo neck tats? Nigga wtf is wrong with you??


Everyone on earth will interpret you as a neo Nazi.


Check out this dank Juri tattoo: