Street fighter TE arcade parts qustion


I am unlucky enough to own a street fighter fightstick TE and im enjoying bashing all the sanwa parts. However has anyone noticed that the stick (JLF I believe) is not as “tight” as the standard JLF sticks?

By tight I mean distance between the pick up’s internally.

Is this known? and is there a way of modding the stick to make it feel more tight?



I don’t have the problem you speak as far as the tightness of the JLF, seems the same as my other JLF’S. Having said that, you could try TheRealNeoGeo’s aka Per’s Ultimate JLF Mod:


Good luck!


Wow, that is a pretty sweet mod, i might do the electrical tape bit in the future.

I cannot say 100% but I have a feeling the arcade stick bar (length between the bottom and the top) is longer on the TE stick, which would make the distance between the corners bigger (your hand would have to travel further).

Which in turn would make dashes more difficult =/