Street Fighter TE stick with MAME?!

I just bought a xbox 360 TE stick for my computer. It works fine in Street Fighter 4, but with MAME32 it doesn’t work! Any solutions? I am using the xbcd drivers for the wired 360 controller. So far so good, only for Street Fighter 4 on steam that is…


Try different versions of MAME, I have three versions on one of my computers and it it only likes to work with one - unfortunately I don’t remember the exact version but I believe it’s one of the older ones.

I’ll try to remember to check when I get home from work.

Make sure you check the box that says “enable joystick input” in the default game options.

It seems like a bunch of mame versions hate the TE for some reason.

Hey can u tell me which version of mame will it work with the madcatz TE stick??

Works with mameui 0.128 but you have to enable it under OPTIONS DROPDOWN DEFAULT GAME OPTIONS AND CONTROLLERS TAB ENABLE JOYSTICK. Within MAME then hit tab and configure in Inputs General

Oh wait, try setting the TE stick in the different modes. You have a little switch that says RS DP LS. It basically tells the TE which part of a joypad it will emulate, Right analog, left analog or d-pad. My stick would only work in MAME when set to LS. Then you have to go into the global setup, key config, and register the stick moves on every direction and button. It won’t work just off the bat. If the stick is in the right mode, it will register “Left” or “Right” etc when you hit enter and push the stick. Same for buttons. Nothing is mapped default.

try joy2key, a program that will track your gamepad (TE Stick) and convert it into keyboard messages.

yeah, i tried, but it doesn’t seem to work…maybe i dunno how to configure it properly

This has come up at least half a dozen times now and has been discussed in depth.