Street Fighter templates with Tekken 5 Hori stick

OBSF-30 buttons
OBSF-24 buttons

Original graphic size
12 6/8"(L) X 7 5/8" (W) (more or less)

I am planning to modify a Tekken 5 Hori Tenth Anniversary stick I repaired with the Sanwa joystick and buttons listed above. My question is in regards to the graphic; the original Tekken graphic is torn.

The Street Fighter IV templates, from the following post:, are very impressive and I would like to use one as a replacement graphic. Will anyone provide a link to the original graphics or complete templates without button holes?

The following post contains a picture of the Tekken 5 stick just to give you an idea

If I am not mistaken, it seems like joystick and button placement/length are identical on both sticks (Tekken 5 & SFIV). I could use existing templates, print them out at a local Kinkos, and cut holes for “start” & “select” buttons.

This seems to be a good guide for modifying templates and printing.

What do you recommend – semi-gloss photo paper, matte paper, 300ppi or better laminated printouts.

Also, as an added touch, I would like to add my “gaming name” in the lower right-hand corner where the “HORI” label is located. Now, I just need to learn how to do that in “GIMP” as I do not have Photoshop.

You should try to find the actual image used on the stick you want. Then use the T5 template and put the image on with photoshop. That t5 mod thread has a link to the template you need on the first post.