Street Fighter: The Later Years 4


Featuring Chun and Boxer.

“If you pause it right there, you can see her underwear!” :rofl:

And GOD I fucking HATE cliffhangers, the wait for the next one is gonna kill me. <_>

Someone needs to email them and tell them to have Balrog rap on the side about his gigaton punch :rofl:


Who’s that actress who played Chun-Li? She’s gorgeous-looking…:hitit:

The girl that play Chun was nice, but I wish they could’ve cast a real Asian.

good video, looking forward to the next one. and yeah she was pretty hot

That was pretty lmao.


The cinematography looked alot better on this episode, the whole thing just looked alot more professional.

Good to know we won’t have to wait very long for the next one.

that chun-li is gorgeous :slight_smile:

EDIT: mmmmmmmm

man this series is so good haha,

Love very bit of the humor put into this an dnot only that, these are so professionaly done as well :sweat::lovin:

Bison fucking kills me :rofl:

“No he’s not alive, I just needed to catch my breath"
"That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, you crazy bitch!”

did you see the trailer for rnds 4-10?

balrog “what’s a kick?” hahahahaha…

can’t wait…

also, guile invading capcom should be funny… looks like these vids got capcom approval…

What about Dhalsim and Zangief.

We are getting the band back together, we are on a misson from god

howd i miss this?

what is the actress half asian?

now the question comes …which came first the balrog rap or this vid.

That was by far the best part :wgrin:

that would make one hell of a spin off.

oh snap, michael showalter has his own little…internet…show thing. awesome!

I can’t wait to see when Guile and Ken come in ?

fuck i wanna know corporate ryu’s evil plot.

SF: the later years are collegehumor petition to capcom for SF4… LOL