Street fighter...The Later Years (youtube)

Hey, has anybody seen any of this stuff, I love it!!!

part 1 [media=youtube]kLrWgVPeCzI[/media]

part 2 [media=youtube]qyx4nETMVfc[/media]

part 3 [media=youtube]C5I0rTWPvH0[/media]

part 4 BRAND NEW!!! [media=youtube]ehCnIwsX7hg&mode=user&search=[/media]

yeah there have been a few threads about it already…


But I will say that they are pretty good, I thought they were supposed to be monthly now, but there hasn’t been a new one this month yet…

sorry for thread spamming. They said they are releasing a fifth installment thursday.

Dude honestly they said 5th part was gonna be in early October now they confirm that the 5th installment is out on 10/19 that fucking MID October…

I’m looking forward to this 5th video. Have you guys seen the trailer, that’s just hilarious… “Balrog: What’s a kick?!” LoL -B

Part 5 is out…

“Sonic what now? I’m sorry Sega is down the street.” lol

Sonic fuckin boom :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

balrogs unr is soo good even after a decade of a shitty jobs he’s still in shape.

fucking cock sucker muther fucker…sonic fucking boom!

ken has hadouken disfunction…lol does lavtra work for that?

lol why are random brats doing fireballs?

Have you watched the whole series? Ryu is a sellout, whoring out his techniques to anyone who’ll pay.

Chun Li and Blanka? o.0

i have been watching…but it didnt click in my head that the kids bought the moves. since they were both white and asian i assumed it was ken reminicing at first.