Street Fighter the Movie Broke My Heart


Ok, one thing that has been bothering the fuck out of me. WHY couldn’t they have aAT LEAST made Balrog the “controls” dude and Dee Jay the “camera operator?” The movie really isn’t THAT bad, it’s just so hard to watch because they butchered the real storyline so HARD.




Wow, here I was wondering why a SF Movie thread was stickied here and it turns out to be something like this.

Anoon, you are something else. I always have to give props to developers who are willing to discuss the things that went wrong with a game that was not well-received, but you certainly picked the most interesting way by coming on here and talking with largely the same group that put it down. That takes guts and balls and everything above, below, and in-between. Major props.

I just have one easy question: From concept to final build, about how long did it take to fill out a game of SF:TM:TG’s magnitude?


I think he said 9 months to a year or something.


My (trivial) question: Have you looked into getting a SFTM arcade cabinet? You could keep it chained up in your garage, and put out cigarettes on its screen whenever you had an awful day.

Or, I guess you could display it in your living room. I guess.


Depending how you count it, SFTM contained about fourteen to eighteen characters when released. (Characters that had full fighting move sets and were either playable by human, or AI.) We held a good number of digitizing sessions more than that, and originally proposed even more characters for inclusion. Heres the break down, roughly in the chronological order that we shot them, followed by the ones that were pitched, but never made it.

E. Honda
Dee Jay
Fei Long
Bison (Super Bison) [Raul Julias Double]
Guile [Van Damme]
Guile [Jean Claude Van Dammes Double]
Cammy [Emma Kearney]
Cammy [Kylie Minoque]
Blade (Kyber Arkane F7)

Ken [Second actor]
Chun Li
Sheng Long

T. Hawk


I know for sure we proposed Geki (The ninja) from the original Street Fighter 1, (Fighting Street,) but we wanted to make the character female. Capcom did not want to do a gender switch, so they instead suggested we make a new character and supplied us with a short list of popular Japanese female names. Once we were on the track to make Street Fighter The Movie (The Game,) rather than some uber Street Fighter, our Geki fell by the wayside. In retrospect, our Geki would have shared numerous similarities to the later Ibuki of SF3.

The last three characters escape me at the moment, but I want to say that there were four additional characters included in our early documents that were never digitized. They were all Capcom characters from other games, with at least two, maybe three from the Street Fighter series. The name Eagle seems to stand out as one that might have been included. I am 100% certain that Mike Haggar was not one of them as I despise Mike Haggar. (I have a theory that any game prominently featuring Mike Haggar is doomed to failure.)


One more addend to Ultima’s, almost all of the above was explained officially once SF2 Dash came out, even though Ken’s look was that way from SF1. Gouken of course wasn’t named until much later, Super X that is.

Geki planned for SFTM might’ve resembled Ibuki? Interesting.


Yep, that Final Fight and SlamMasters series, how epic flops they were. :frowning:


(Not to mention Haggar was one of the characters a majority of folks kept hopes up for appearing as a playable character in the latest SFA collection even if they all knew it wasn’t going to happen)


…First-hand experience says so?




Capcom Fighting All-Stars comes to mind. :rofl:


I love you, sir.


Hey, owner of,That’s the exactly the same thing I have been thinking for Years !
The movie/game doesn’t suck, the info Capcom has given Suck !


I’d say both suck. At the time the game was released for Saturn I liked that it had movie sequences, everything I played before was SNES. But today I think it’s pretty lame compared to all other SF titles. Or half finished, at least the Arcade version, which is basically what anoon says himself. However it would have never fit in with the other games, even if the physics and all would have been better. I wonder what Capcom had planned with Sawada if the movie was a success. What’s he doing now?


Haggar is a classic character from the good old Final Fight days. It does seem that when he stars in any recent fighting games, that they suck.

Like Final fight 2D fighter for Sega Saturn, Capcom all-stars, and he might have been in final fight: streetwise, which I thought was lousy.



While I have written a handful of new sections regarding characters and backgrounds, I have taken it under advice not to post them. Therefore, I apologize for the lack of updates in the last week.

Private Shoryuken messengers, I will respond to each of you. Sunday is mail day!

Alrighty… a brief mention of a specific background I was intimately familiar with, and then an (hopefully,) interesting insight into what might have been.

Let’s skip to backgrounds quickly, and then a look back at the project as a whole.




One of the things that the film version of Street Fighter the Movie did right was the sets. The carpentry, construction, detailing, and finish work on the stages was absolutely incredible. Of these masterworks, Bisons Lair (AKA: his bedroom,) was one of the most elaborate and convincing. The room was filled with all manner of high quality props befitting an egomaniacal dictator: champagne glasses with the Bison logo imprinted on them, an authentic looking painting of him on his horse, the red winged skull sconces and so forth. It was truly something impressive to stand there and drink in. I was happy to have worked on that background for the game. Perhaps I am biased, but though more than a decade has passed since I worked on that asset, I feel that in some ways it still holds up and am proud of the result.

On set, the room was octagonal, so representing that as an in game asset was a challenge; fighting game backgrounds of the day were simple affairs, consisting of a floor plane, a backdrop, and some mid plane objects to give the illusion of depth. It is important to remember that texture mapping a photo of a wall onto the interior of a polygonal octagon wasnt something we were really able to do efficiently. This was also not only before the time that we were blessed with Photoshops fancy, pseudo 3D/distortion effects; it was before we had access to Photoshop at all. All of the perspective in that room was completely faked the hard way. We took a large volume of photography on set, which were scanned in and knocked down to the appropriate bit depth. All perspective or appearance of 3D was completely faked by the scaling and editing of the image data in 2D applications.

In game we pulled some pretty neat tricks off with Bisons Lair. We did a full color, palletized shadow in order to create a reflection on the floor. The area on the wall around the wall sconces was a data solution, (animation,) to simulate flickering of the fire. The lighting pass on the background art was faked and baked in, in 2D, so that the environment was brighter on the right hand side near the fireplace. I campaigned management to grant engineering time towards tying the characters to the environments in terms of lighting. This was granted, and the programmers delivered an awesome palette shifting technology: as the characters moved into the darker areas of the playfield, the palette color registers for the player and shadow, (reflection,) art were adjusted in real time to better match the background art. While subtle and only appearing in Bisons Lair due to time restrictions, this was trailblazing work; no other game was paying so much attention to lighting at the time. (FUN FACT: Speaking of lighting, I hid my initials in the texture of the wall near a sconce. I believe they are in the upper leftmost corner of the scene.)


How many colors were used in each character palette?


“Taken it under advice not to post them”? Is this like a legal issue or something, as in we’ll never get to see what you wrote? Or is this just going to come later?


I just realized how terrible the acting in the movie was. Check out Chun-Li “hmm, I’m thinking” or Zangief “I’m angry roar!”. Ken’s Shoryuken is just ridiculous.
And Balrog/Vega’s mask looks like a kid made it from aluminium foil.

Also why can’t Guile, the typical American soldier, speak English properly.