Street Fighter the Movie Broke My Heart

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Building off that, it’s also possible to hack the emulator so that it reads the rom in a specific way as to disable BGM.

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good thread. prolly the best read ive ever seen on srk in… ever. lookin forward to the rest.:wgrin:

All this was going down sometime during ?93/?94 and we thought we were initially going to be making Street Fighter 3, (or at least, I seemed to think so, for whatever reason.) Now at this time, if the whole Gouken,Gouki/Akuma, Gotetsu story line existed within Capcom somewhere, we were never privy to that info. The whole Sheng Long controversy was still fresh in everyone?s mind; was Sheng Long a character? Was it a mistranslation? We didn?t know either, but what better way to get people really excited about Street Fighter again than to include the most hyped up character ever? Capcom Japan wasn?t too hot on that idea initially, saying something to the effect that ?When Sheng Long does appear, it will be like God making an appearance.? What is curious at this point is that they never corrected us on the character?s name. We always referred to him as Sheng Long. Perhaps much like the way Gouki is known as Akuma in the states, Gouken, (or Gotetsu? It was never clear which one Sheng Long was a true parallel of,) would be known as Sheng Long in the US? At any rate, Sheng Long was shelved, for the time being?

?But he almost made it in after all. I?m skipping ahead quite a bit here, but I might as well put the Sheng Long business to bed. Towards the end of the project we had already digitized the majority of the actors from the film while on location of the movie set in Australia. That art was largely done, processed, and in game. There were still a couple more characters we had to do though. Chun Li, (The beautiful Ming Na Wen,) was never captured in Australia, due to contractual issues. (More on that later.) What ended up happening was that we set up a new, temporary digitizing studio in our Chicago warehouse and flew her in for the session. While we had the studio set up, we also captured two more characters. One was an alternate Ken, which I?ll mention briefly later. The other was in fact Sheng Long.

For whatever reason, the idea of adding Sheng Long came up again, and suddenly the Capcom guys were all for it. Maybe it was them, maybe it was us, but somebody apparently realized at that point that the game was going to need something a little extra other than the new fangled game play to propel it to stratospheric levels of success. Itook it upon myself to designing the look of and move set of Sheng Long. What an opportunity!!! Again, I was in heaven.

Sheng Long was going to be awesome. He wore black Gi pants and a long, green, padded/quilted, sleeveless Gi style top which was tied off with a black belt. His hair was very long and white, being done up in a single big braid running down his back. He also had a very long kung fu movie style Fu Manchu moustache. Now this is where things get a bit wilder? He also wore a thick black ribbon over his eyes. The reason for this I explained, was that Akuma had attacked Sheng Long in an attempt to kill him, and while he failed in slaying Sheng, he did succeed in taking his eyes out and blinding him. Sheng Long was so badassed though, he didn?t even really need his eyes to fight. Ok, so now the design really gets crazy? the final component of Sheng Long?s design was his arm. So as I understand it, originally Ken and Ryu?s hadoken specials were supposed to representations of their Chi, focused into a single high powered attack. ?Hadoken? supposedly translates roughly into something like ?force wave,? and in the original art, you can see phantom representations of their hands in the projectile. I believe that what the happened was that for the most part, your typical westerner arcade customer wasn?t familiar with the concept of Chi in that day and age, so these attacks were generally referred to as fireballs. At some point during the series, Ryu actually started throwing fireballs, and Ken developed the flaming dragon punch. As part of Sheng Long?s design, I tried to explain these phenomena. So my idea was that at higher levels of enlightenment, these karate master guys would start to take on aspects of ?the dragon? as it suited their fighting style. Sheng Long was to be so advanced, he actually started to physically manifest dragon like attributes. Seeing as the words ?Sheng Long? were actually a translation of ?Dragon Punch? it seemed to make sense that his dragon manifestation would appear in his punching arm. The arm was green and scaly, with several horns protruding from it?s length. His fingers had fused together into 2 larger claws. Capcom signed off, and we were all set to create my Sheng Long!

The practical execution of Sheng Long went fairly well too. One of our artists served as the actor on the digitizing set as he was into body building and martial arts. The outfit was pretty simple: Black Gi pants, and a custom tailored top. The sash across his eyes was actually a mesh so that he could see while acting, but still appeared blindfolded. We hired a professional make up artist to do the hair, moustache, and arm effects. The arm looked pretty good, for the most of the shoot. Digitizing sessions typically lasted for 6 hours on average and after all of that time under the hot lights, the make up of the arm started to melt. By the end, green make up was running everywhere, and the horns were barely clinging to the actor?s arm. But it held up pretty well, all considered. (Fun fact: The artist that played Sheng Long went on to work at Midway games, where he has been creating characters for Mortal Kombat!0

Naturally, he was supposed to play like your typical Ken/Ryu character with some super Akuma style extras, as far as I recall. One major difference however was that he wouldn?t have typical block animations. Instead, the idea was that Sheng Long was so advanced, that you could never hit him unless you scored an unguarded attack. Sure, you would play him like a regular character with ?back? on the stick putting your character on the defensive, but when blocking, the animation would look like a dodge instead of a traditional Street Fighter block. All of the game play would be the same, with block slide kicking in and all that, but Sheng would appear to have stepped out of the way of the attack. Would it have worked? I like to think so, but I was afraid that it broke SF convention too much, so we digitized two full sets of blocking animations so we had a back up plan: traditional and dodge style blocking anims. Looking back, we broke just about every other SF convention, so would it have really mattered? I guess we?ll never know.

In the end, Sheng Long never made it into the game, and my grand designs for what was to be a near divine fighting game experience never saw the screen. Due to time constraints, we never were able to process the artwork. All of this stuff was burnt off to CD. I hope it still survives somewhere in the vaults of Incredible Technologies. I?d love to see that footage again.

I love this thread, and anoon sftm is my guilty pleasure. i even made a combo vid for it, gotta dig it up. Bless my vid! :rofl:

I would like to see that.

well I am at work right now, I made the vid in 2k2 but it was filled with a bunch of glitches and good fun. I always wanted to make another one, I would just blaze and play sftm for hours in mame, best single player fighting game ever with KI in a close second

Anoon - Wow, your response to the whole Blade / Gunloc ordeal was much more than I expected. What you said about Sheng Long is great too. THANK YOU! :tup:

I thought, when this movie was first coming out, that CoJ’s president was supposed to have a part in the movie. I assumed that Sawada was him for some reason.

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Any way to steal/post/borrow some artwork/pics of the Sheng Long character. Would be fun to see just for the hell of it.

Just played through the game for the first time in years.


It’s funny how SRK poster Aerialgroove reminded me of this today in a totally different conversation. This is how Gouken - Ryu and Ken’s master looked like in the SF2V manga. The SF2V manga was very different from the SF2V anime that it was based on, they shared some of the SF2V character designs but the story was very different/unrelated. Anyway check this out - here he has a slash going through one eye, not missing both eyes like Anoon’s Sheng Long design. Kind of a funny coincidence eh?

i wanna be a game designer like u any advice on what 2 study

This is usually how I’ve seen Gouken. Here’s another:
He’s on the right hand side.

That was a damn good Shen long story, It made me want more.

Bacardi I wanna see the vid.

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I still have the GamePro issues breaking down SFTM back when they broke down the combo system in detail (when they used to be very good.) Good times, good times…ah I miss my childhood.

anoon, im sure the answer is no because you are probably really busy, but do you still keep up with fighting games and the fighting game scene, and have you ever played competively (been to evo) or anything like that? Did you ever have a personal interest in that kind of thing? The reason why I’m curious about is because that you could have entered events like this a a relative unknown since noone knows who the fuck you are, hehe

That Sheng Long bit was great! Do you have any artwork or pics or anything of him?

Love the aspect of him dodging attacks instead of blocking too :tup:

Since you mention the confusion of gouken/goutetsu/sheng long in the early days, i thought i’d mention this… the other day i was watching the latest DVD release of SF2 Movie (animated one with Chun-Li shower scene). There’s a bit where they have bio’s of Ken and Ryu on screen and you can clearly see that it says that their master was Goutetsu. However in all the other material on the disc (added by Udon i believe), they always refer to Gouken as Ryu/Ken’s master. I haven’t read the comics so i assume this to be the canon these days!?

No, Kenzo Tsujimoto and Kenya Sawada are two different people. Tsujimoto is in the movie however. There is a scene towards the beginning in which Guile gives a rally speech to his troops after the operation is supposedly shut down. There are a few shots of random A.N. Troopers listening as Jean Claude is talking. One of these Troopers is Tsujimoto. I’ll go home and check the DVD for the exact time tonight.

Send me a PM and I’ll try to get around to lending some advice. It’s too big a topic to cover here.

Yes, I believe that is the official design of Gouken. I should say: It was shortly before, or just after SFTM released that I personally saw the name Gouken being bandied about. It could have very well been that Capcom already had the storyline and name “Gotetsu” within their organization when we proposed putting Sheng Long in. These days I’m not sure if Capcom Japan saw our Sheng Long as a different character entirely, or the same character with the Americanized name.

My impression is that towards the end of the project, things got a little weird. I don’t know if they really wanted an American, MK-esque style Street Fighter for the US and trusted us with whatever we wanted to do, or if at some point they realized the quality just wasn’t going to be there and they just didn’t care what we happened to SFTM. I never see it mentioned in any of the books they put out, I tend to think perhaps it was the latter.

Umm, yes and no. I still claim to love fighting games, though I find myself playing less and less of them. I still love Street Fighter 2, (Alpha 3 is my favorite,) and Mortal Kombat 2. I really want to like Street Fighter 3, but the characters didn’t appeal to me enough to really get into it. I love 3D graphics, but I never felt the 3D fighters offered the same type of game play I was looking for. I check them all out, but I never play them for long. Virtual Fighter never appealed to me. Tekken was OK, as was the first Soul Calibur. I actually kind of liked that 3D King of Fighters on Xbox, until I quickly found out how shallow it was. Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed the second Def Jam game even though I’m totally over hip hop in general.
I’m still waiting for that gorgeous 3D fighter with the old school game play and feel to lure me back in!

I’ll be honest: I considered myself pretty good back in the Hyper Fighting/Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo/MK2 days, but I never really played competitively. I felt I never had the time or money to devote to going down to the arcade and reaching that next level. Once the arcades died, I’m afriad my skills dropped off big time. Now I read the Shoryuken forums and I don’t understand half of the terminology you guys use. I’m a scrub again.

Thanks! I thought you guys might like that. Unfortunately, I do not have any images of him that I know of. It’s possible I have some old sketches tucked away somewhere, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin.