Street Fighter the Movie Broke My Heart


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Seriously, this is the best thread to ever come out of SRK. You get a cookie.



This thread has been amazing, and even inspired me to finally get my mame arcade up and running, i even got a SFTM:TG Marquee for 9$… Thanks for getting me back into Arcade Gaming Anoon!


My xbox runs this game very slowly, but after some changes in the emulator settings I played it for a while (until my emu started crapping out again) and it was a lot different from the console version.

After reading this thread, that game has taken on much more meaning.



This was a freakin cool reading. Thanks!



Do you think that any of the ideas you and your team brought to the fighting genre were original and hadn’t been done before? Were any of them ripped off to become staples for other, more popular games?


Street Fighter EX?


First off, epic thread. Makes me wish I could have played this more.


Benny the Jet vs. Van Damme FTW!!!

Anyway, a question for you:

What’s your take on the Street Fighter EX series? I ask because Arika basically did the same thing you did: Produced a unique (and oft misunderstood) spin on a classic fighting series.

Have you played the series at any length? Which character designs do you like?

Also, is it just me or are D. Dark and Blade similar in concept?


I sincerely forgot this thread was here. Good thing it was stickied.

Thank you for all the information, it has really been wonderful for all of us to have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the process of this game and the genre in general.

From one Alan to another, good work!


Mr. Alan Noon, thanks for you insights and information! This thread is amazing. :tup:


I love this game.


It’s really difficult to look back to those days and try to remember where we drew inspiration for everything. There were a TON of fighting games out at the time, all trying to make their mark and stand out of the crowd. Some of the SFTM features were evolutions of things we liked in other games, others stemmed from our own ideas developed as hardcore players. It’s nearly impossible for any developer to claim they are totally original. Everything has been done already.

“Ripped off” is an ugly term. Did we inspire new features that went on to evolve in other titles? I would like to think so, particularly in the Street Fighter franchise, but who can say for sure? I believe I mentioned a few of these things that seem to have deascendents in later SF games such as the Alpha and Vs. series, but I have no proof. The Capcom JP guys were very complimentary concerning a number of our concepts, so I like to think they found some value in our input.

I played quite a bit of the first two EX’s especially. For me personally, the characters of Street Fighter are one of the big draws to the series. I’m afraid the primitive nature of the hardware at the time meant the technology just couldn’t really do the character designs I knew and loved justice. Also, some of the new character designs turned me off. They just didn’t feel like they fit in the SF world. (Same issue I have with a number of the SF3 characters, coincidentally.)

Funny enough, I recently picked up SF EX3 on PS2. The roster seemed a bit better balanced with fresh faces that made sense in relation to the old favorites, but their execution was still lacking; they didn’t look good enough for me. The gameplay didn’t feel true enough either.

I was excited when I initially saw screens of Capcom Fighting All Stars (or was it Jam? The two were announced around the same time, and I know I read articles that mixed the names up, so now I am confused myself.) Anyway, I mean the 3D one. I heard it didn’t test so well and was shelved, which is a pity.

I’m still waiting for that 3D fighter, (SF or not,) with gorgeous, realistic graphics and the feel of the solid 2D engine.

I had not drawn a connection between D.Dark and Blade, honestly. I can’t really remember what D.Dark’s moves were like. Are they similar?


D. Dark had a number of moves where blades came out of his wristguards (Think Baraka from MK2), plus he threw bombs, had a Dragon Punch, and had a number of Scorpion-like moves involving a garrote wire.

I hadn’t really played as Blade much, but I figured in terms of looks they’re a little similar.


It’s a shame that they seemingly recognized the value of these concepts yet try to disavow knowledge of the game. I mean, I know you got paid and all for your work (I hope :rofl: ) but to have potentially had an impact on the direction of a series, even via a game as shunned as SFTM, and not be acknowledged for it… man, that would suck something fierce.

I have a few questions:

  1. If asked by Capcom to help in the design of a new Street Fighter right now, this moment, would you do it? Or would you follow the old adage of “once bitten, twice shy?”

  2. What was the feeling of the SFTM game team on potential infinite comboes and other powerful tactics? Was it a goal to eliminate things like this or to embrace them as part of the fighting engine?

  3. If you could take real-life actors today, take 'em back in time, and digitize them for SFTM, who would you pick to play the characters?

  4. You mentioned that, in retrospect, you would have liked to stick closer to the art design of SFTM, and not the mishmash of movie+game that the final product was. Along that same line, would you also have preferred to keep the special moves in place (hadoukens, sonic booms, etc.) or remove them?

  5. Megaman? You serious? :rofl: PLEASE tell me you had someone go through the digitization process for Megaman! Was it a kid? A grown man? Did he have the helmet and everything? Did you get a real dog for Rush?


Again, I don’t know for sure. It could all just be wishful thinking on my part, but thanks.

In a heart beat. I dream about that all of the time. I still love the SF series and with the technology that is available right now, some pretty amazing things could be done.

Speaking for myself, I didn’t want any combos longer than 3-4 hits. Other team member(s) wanted more hits. Nobody wanted infinites though. If for nothing else, if a player could combo indefinitely, we’d never get another quarter in the drop. If memory serves, even if the timer ran out, as long as you kept the enemy from touching the ground you could continue playing forever. I can’t remember if this “grounding” system was changed, or if the moves and reactions were changed so that the players were forced far enough apart so that it was impossible to continually keep somebody afloat. I believe it was the latter. I specifically remember playtesting and scoring a 140+ hit combo with E.Honda. I could have gone on forever, as the timer had long expired, but I got bored. When I showed this to the programmers, the next rev featured a sumo head butt that fell further away from the enemy on impact.

Hmmm… I haven’t really though about that. Digitized graphics for anything other than reference material or the basis of texture work are pretty dead in my mind these days. A few off the top of my head:

-Ken: Christian Bale. Even though Ken is technically Japanese, everyone thinks he’s American anyway, so I choose Bale. This guy is an incredible actor that can transform himself physically for any role. (Check out what he did to himself for “The Machinist” and compare it to his form for “Batman Begins” shortly after.)

-Ryu: John Cho? (Harold from “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.”) I don’t know what kind of shape he’s in, but if he could bulk up with 20-30lbs of muscle and had some amount of martial arts training, I think it could work.

-Chun Li: Zhang Ziyi. She’s an accomplished martial artist and quite beautiful.

-Cammy: Elisha Cuthbert? Not sure if she can fight or not, but she’d look the part.

-Zangief: Andrew Bryniarski. (The guy from the original movie. He was an awesome fit.)

-Blanka: Danny Trejo. This dude is a pretty scary looking individual naturally. And he’s got the accent.

-T.Hawk: The Rock. Dude is huge, in amazing shape, and very physical.

Good question. The movie didn’t really feature any special moves other than unflashy versions of Guile’s flash kick, a lame dragon punch by Ken, a hadoken-esque move by Ryu, and Bison flying superman style across stage on wires… Even so, I would still keep the traditional SF specials and related effects in. I don’t think you can have a real SF game without Specials that are, umm… special.

The Megaman idea didn’t go too far. It was included in a couple of documents, and discussed briefly around the office, but we never got so far as to design or to have a costume made. There was talk that we’d get a young kid to play him.


I always thought sf the movie was gay


Thanks for the replies, Mr. Noon! Good stuff. :tup:


Seriously? I guess I could see that for a Street Fighter Alpha “young” Ryu. John Cho has a baby face and doesn’t look “rough” from excessive training at all. And he doesn’t really seem to fit parallel to Christian Bale.

That’s assuming you’d really go with Christian Bale. Bale seems more of an introverted “dark” type. I would think that if you’re picking an American and you can afford him, then George Clooney would fit the part. He’s much more extroverted, lighthearted, and cocky (I can just imagine Clooney doing Ken’s win poses and taunts). He’s also got the ridiculous eyebrows. All he’d need is a blond wig and a karate gi.


Oh man, I remember when Street Fighter The Movie The Game first came out. There was a really big crowd around it. It was good fun, lots of zany combos. I think it was right next to a Cyberbots cabinet too, it was the only time I ever seen Cyberbots until I recently got the Saturn version. I don’t think I played that one, but spent a LOT of time playing The Movie The Game.



For some reason, I can never picture this going well… :rofl:

You know, it’d odd that you should bring up Christian Bale. He’s my favorite actor of all-time, but I couldn’t really imagine him playing as a Street Fighter character. I’ve always noticed some similarities between him and Johnny Cage from the Mortal Kombat series, though, and I feel that he’d be a perfect fit for that.

And yes, seeing him go from his build in The Machinist to his build in Batman Begins (especially when you consider the short period of time that took place in-between films) was absolutely incredible. Actually, I found it to be a bit disturbing seeing him in The Machinist when I was most familiar with seeing him in American Psycho, especially when you see him exercising in the latter movie. He’s barely recognizable in The Machinist. Amazing.

By the way, amusingly, Christian Bale also assumes the role of his characters off-set, as his trailer is typically marked with the name of his character, not his own name. It’s nice to see him always trying to stay in character. :rofl:

Ugh…I respect her as an actress, but you see far too much of her in comparison to other Asian actresses (in the U.S., anyway). I’d actually prefer Maggie Cheung (who played as Flying Snow in Hero).