Street Fighter the Movie Broke My Heart


lol. the game about the movie about the game.


Hey, Alan.

Great thread. It’s been nonstop education and entertainment. I’ve read it since you first posted it, but haven’t really had any good questions until one just recently popped into my head.

Having gone through the process, it sounds like many of the problems you encountered were due to conflicts of interest. It sounded like there were a lot of ideas and concepts bandied about by different people, many of them, it sounds like, not properly shared between all of the people making the game.

So my question is this: if you had to make a Fighting game now, from scratch, would you recommend having one or two or three guys solely in charge of the design and “concept”? To keep what the game “should” be the responsibility of only a few people? I mean, obviously allow for outside input, but it sounds like one of the things that could have saved SF:TM was someone to keep the game in focus – have the one guy who makes sure all the ideas flow with each other. Like if you were in charge from the start, then you could have made sure that all the ideas put into the game adhered to one vision, instead of being a mishmash of many visions?

Again, I wanted to thank you for posting. My idea of SF:TM has drastically changed now. I now look at it with sad eyes, knowing what could have been and how much you put your heart and soul into it.


Hahahaha…hey, anoon, with the recent announcement of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, I’m curious: If Capcom approached you to assist in the making of Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game HD Remix, would you? And, if so, what would you do differently?


Good question. If I were to make a fighting game today, I would probably structure things a bit differently than we did back then. Also, the main thing I would work on is communication. Looking back, I don’t feel that the vision for the game was communicated very well either from the publisher to the team, or amongst the team itself. Estasblishing the vision and getting buy in from eveyone is key.

In terms of the team structure, there would be the Creative Director; the guy who steers the grand vision and with who the final decisions rest. Working in parallel to him would be the Producer, the guy who maintains the schedule, provides support for the team, and interfaces with the publisher. Following that, I would break the project down by discipline and create Director positions for each, (Art, Animation, Design, Engineering.) Under the directors would be the Leads who are responsible for the major catagories: Fighting systems, AI, Characters, Environments, Special Effects, Physics/collision, Graphics Engine, Tools, etc…

I would jump at the opportunity to work on just about any Street Fighter project. However, I don’t think an HD Remix of SFTM would ever happen. Even if the game was not so universally despised, the source materials (if they still exist,) were of such low fidelity, that it would be impossible to get them into a presentable state for HD resolutions.

Still… it’s fun to dream. If I were to do SFTM today, I think it would be a lot easier to create a quality game. The tools and technologies of game development are so much more advanced than they were back then.

Creating SFTM today, I would go with 3D characters for sure. We’d be able to make the characters look any way we’d like in terms of physique and costume without having to worry that the actors were out of shape or didn’t physically match their character. We could use motion capture and hand keyed animation to ensure that the characters moved properly and we wouldn’t have to be concerned with the fact that the majority of the actors were not martial artists.

There is a lot more information available today regarding fighting game mechanics and systems. There has been 10+ years of fighting game development since SFTM to learn from. I certainly have plenty of ideas as to what would make a successful fighting game today as well.


And it would be wonderful if you could make them true in a new fighting game either homebrew or from any company. The genre right now seems too stalled into chain/free flying/breakers/run/flashy stuff. Sure that shit is GOOD as GG but we need something fresh and a throwback to oldschool gameplay would help too…


I have thoroughly enjoyed this thread. I loved the way the building process works. I was intrigued by the process used to capture motion for these type of games as I never knew how they worked before. I’m glad someone with first hand experience explained it as I was too lazy to search out the answer myself.

Now I’m going to have to get my hands on both the MAME arcade version of this game and the console version to see the differences. I think I played it one time.

They should make a movie out of this.


Interesting… I wanna see these differences for myself now.

Informative thread.


Anoon, what’s your favourite Street Fighter game, other than this SF:TM. And while we’re at it, favourite fighting game ever?


Street Fighter Alpha 3 is my favorite Street Fighter game.

Favorite ever? That’s tough… Probably a toss up between Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Mortal Kombat 2.


It was like a very awefull copy of mortal kombat like come on just look at the similatities in player screens etc.

Like i dont mean to be rude but i could say a lot worse…


It’s apparent that you didn’t actually read the thread. Capcom was afraid of losing business to the MK series, so they wanted to produce a digitalized game in the same manner. Unfortunately, the Japanese did not know how to to that. As such when the Street Fighter Movie came out they enlisted the aid of an American company to produce the game. Anoon even talks about how things did not turn out as he had hoped.

They had planned to push the envelope with 256 colors per character versus the 64 that MK had and did amazing thing with lighting. The fact that it turned out as it did can be contributed to the fact that they were bound to create the game based on the movie and differences of opinion by the design staff.

While my short summary does not do justice to actually reading the thread I hope that it does shine a little light on the subject for you.


Random, special thanks to TiamatRoar for finding this link.

So Anoon, I take it that we can count on your vote for Haggar for President?



Great great read anoon!

I was curious, what are you up to nowadays?

More news shortly.

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I recently got done building a SF:TM TG Mame Cabinet… I’ll post pics soon.


Just finished reading everything. easily bet thing posted on srk yet!

  1. were the capcom guys good at playing sf? i know you said you had an st cab around for refrence

2.have you played capcom fighting evolution? imo that’s another game capcom probably doesn’t want to acknowledge


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