Street Fighter the Movie Broke My Heart


Ken’s mother is Japanese and his father is American, that’s why his last name is Masters.


His father is only half caucasian, we already cleared that up in this thread, read again, thanks.


i commit thread necrophilia in order to say that this thread was awesome

thanks for sharing dude!:tup:


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thanks Anoon, for talking about this.

I think I might have rented the PS1 or Saturn version when it came out.

This thread (wow I looked again it’s a huge one!) makes me want to try out the arcade SF:TM in MAME, if the ROM runs decently… I hope.

was the arcade version released in any of the collections on modern consoles? probably not.


Alan, I’ve really enjoyed your stories about Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game, and I’m even more interested in hearing about BloodStorm. Yeah, it’s not a great game, but I actually liked it back when I was a dumb teenager, and I’d love to hear about everything that went into it. Did anyone ever start work on BloodStorm 2: Nekron Strikes Back?

I’m pouring out a forty on the curb for Plant Guy.



there is no need to be ashamed of your work. Street Fighter the movie the game is not as bad as many people make it out to be. It wasn’t the best game in the world but damn it all, at least you tried something different. I feel that you shoudn’t have had to feel so “in the closet” in the past about being a part of the creation of this game. And don’t let the elitist cause you to sweat and aplogize about something you put time and energy in creating. They aren’t worth the anxiety. You and your team took a risk, you all stepped out of your safe zone and tried something a little different, you may not have succeded but you all have my respect for the effort. At the time it was out in the arcades back in my home town Street Fighter The Movie The game got more play than Street Fighter 3 New Generation. Heck Street Fighter The Movie the game is much better than the first Street Fighter game and I don’t see the people who worked on that ever feeling the need to apologize about it and if the ever did I’d write something similar to this to them.


Why did you decide to put “Blade” in the game?


You made a “decent” game. Much less slow paced like SF2 and Alpha

Still…ex has ya beat.


Thank you for the read. It’s always interesting to read about the process of the things we enjoy. And for that, thanks. And like many others who posted and said the same thing. People would sell body parts, siblings, souls, etc. to be able to create and be involved with something close to their hearts. And yeah I was one of the little kids on the playground like Street Fighter got a movie coming out. Yeah, that’s gonna be the shit! And mimicking Street Fighter, Power Rangers, and Ninja Turtles stuff. Yeah that really brings me back. But in retrospect SFTM and SFEX for example are just some things you have to enjoy just for what they are. And not what you think they should be. So again, I thank you for sharing this with us. And much more success to you in the future.


Difference between Arcade and Saturn version:


Hi, i know this thread has been dead for a bit, but my friend wants to know what is up with that sieg heil winning pose blade always did. Is shadoloo really that fascist? By the way, on a dare, my friend played a half a days worth of SF:TM. So yeah, he wants you in face :D. I luv ya tho!


Original TV ad for the home version by Acclaim:

And the Japanese one:


Hey, look at this little thing I’ve found while debugging the game:

Fatality, Blanka and Feilong ?
Anoon, could you explain how to do this fatality, find Fei and find Blanka ?


khyber, arkane, snake?


Wow, long time no posting. I’ll answer the couple of questions that have come up.

Pretty good, sure; but not great. These guys were manager types.
Is Fighting Evolution the one with the Warzard chars in it, released on PS2? No, didn’t play it.


No, the first one did pretty poorly, so no Bloodstorm 2 work at all.

We had a spare day in our shooting schedule due to a number of the actors cancelling on us, so I suited up on a whim. The shoot went well, since I knew how to perform in order to get the best data, so we ended up with a large volume of footage from that session. Besides, we were looking to expand the roster and offer something new.

We needed a win pose for him, and Bison is pretty fascist, no?

Some of those are real, some are fake. I really don’t remember how to do the real ones. The best source of info is the SFTM Arcade FAQ on Gamefaqs.
As far as I recall:

Fatality = fake

Blanka Fight = real, sort of. We captured a full session of Blanka, but couldn’t get him done in time. Originally we intended to have him as a selectable character. When time got low, we planned on doing a minimal moveset and having him serve as a secret fight that could be found in the Dhalsim Lab background. If memory serves, we ended up cleaning up just a few moves: a roll, and a shock. There was some trick involving the tanks in the lab: If one of them was empty, and some set of other conditions was met, Blanka would roll out to the middle of the screen, shock whoever was there, and roll away. The Blanka Fight counter would then be incremented.

Feilong = Not sure what this refers to… might be the fact that you can blow him up in the dungeon background, but I’m pretty sure all of those “explosion” secrets are under the “Secret #” entries. Otherwise its a red herring trying to indicate that there is a way to fight as or against him.

Kyhber and Arkane = real. There are tricks to fight against then during the game. These characters are palette swaps of Blade with unique stances, walks, specials, and rejiggered standard moves. There is a 4th palette swap, named F7. He has all of the moves of all of the palette swaps available at once. He might be on of the “Secret #” entries.

Snake = fake.


Oh, FWIW, I posted some pics from the digitizing sessions in Australia over on my blog. Follow the link to check out the two different Cammy’s, a naked Blanka, a few digitizing tricks, and more!!!


Those are some great pics man thanks for sharing once again! So that’s what Raven looked like cool. :cool:


I realize there’s no real explanation as to why an MI-6 agent would fight in a one-piece bathing suit and combat boots, but… hello, Kylie Minogue.


I think I prefer Emma Cammy.:lovin:

Street Fighter the Movie in it’s various forms has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. I realize that the home versions aren’t exactly your creation, but they wouldn’t have existed without the work that had been done for the arcade game. I didn’t get to play the arcade version nearly as much, but it was a nice change of pace.

Even if no version of the game is in anyone’s top ten, I still love the memoir. And hey, at least you didn’t work on Superman for N64. Now THAT would have been embarrassing.:rofl: