Street Fighter the Movie Broke My Heart


Epic thread, was a very great read.

Anoon, I know how you feel, I once put a lot of heart into a Half-Life mod, but it failed.

Here’s what it was like back in 1999…

I took it seriously, although it was a humorous mod. When I read this website, I realize what a dumb kid and horrible speller I was back then. I decided to take the mod even more seriously, so I changed the name to Total Warfare (I liked the initials T.W.) and the mod became this (this was in 2002).

This mod (or mods) haunted me for a long while, but I got over it now. Now that I’m not in school, not a dumb moron anymore, understand what makes a good game good and have much better ideas for a mod, I’m confident I could make a great Half-Life 2 mod, but I’m not even going to bother.


Both those Cammy’s look pretty damn hot. I guess Kylie didn’t want to wear the “thong” suit though :lol:
Even though SFTM wasn’t the greatest game, SF fans across the globe will always remember it. For better or worse.




Just read the whole story and loved it. I’ve checked out your myspace page and blog as well. Sorry the game didn’t workout.




I’ve always loved the movie and the game. Sure they had their flaws, but in 95 I loved em to death. Great read here, gives me a great appreciation for the game.


i would like to see that pics from backstage but the links to them are not working, could someone post them please?


Why is this not stickied?!?


I think it was stickied like a year ago.

also fwiw I think this game basically has 2 characters: Akuma & Balrog. Akuma is pretty obvious because of the air fireball, hurricane kick infinite, etc., but Balrog might be even better. His headbutt is just as invincible as in ST, but faster and with no landing recovery at all. I think this quote best sums it up:

“It turns out that an invulnerable, safe-on-block move that you cant beat with any other move in the game is not so good for strategy.” - Sirlin

Also, his super is similar to ST’s - slower, but it launches them. Yeah.


When I was little, I used to play it on Saturn. I thought it was alright until I started playing Alpha 3 more.


Man, this thread’s bump makes me want to mess with the game a bit more. Where are you Worthless?


I wish those links on his blog from a year ago still worked. Maybe I’ll ask him?


Yeah, I had his blog bookmarked, then noticed those pics were gone. Should have saved them, the Cammy stunt girl was hot!


Pics back online!

Sorry about the images going down; I had some hosting issues. Everything should be back up again.

SFTM Blogpost



Sweet pics. Yes, Cammy is looking especially delicious.


You know, Vega looks really good as a RL person. No homo (seriously).


arcade version is crazy. You you basically do infinites 100x easier than XVSF. home version is ugly but plays good. always reminded me of ST with EX moves. Also the home version has some good tracks: Vega, Guile, Zangief. Theyre on youtube.


thanks for the pics anoon


I fap every time I see this topic bumped.


Cammy should’ve been forever modeled on Kylie Minogue after that movie/game/thing.