Street Fighter the Movie Broke My Heart


I just really want to thank whoever bumped this thread. I joined SRK right arond when this was first posted, but I never read it until now.

Also, good stuff Mr. Noon. The game’s fun to play, and the technological feats you guys at I.T. did with it were incredible for the time.


Great thread. I read through most of it before. Very interesting stuff.

Though I’m curious of the whole Sawada thing. Why not just have him play Ryu? He actually looks like he has muscle and experience, I think he would make a better Ryu than the dude who played him. Though if the excuse is that he can’t speak english, well you can’t even understand a damn thing when Ryu announces his moves in SF2 anyways. But that is movie related not game related.

Imagine if they made a SF: The Legend of Chun Li: The Game. Would that actually make SF: The Movie actually look good?




That movie made me want to rip my eyes out.

you fuck…


Lol. Yeah give me ST any time, though that has a super meter too and is also frowned upon by a lot of true OGs…

Not the point of this thread at all and please don’t use prem meme’s (preme’s?) on Mr. Noon. Makes it look like you blame him for the damn movie.


To say that I’m late getting to this thread is an obvious understatement…I accidentally stumbled across it while doing some other search elsewhere (Kotaku, maybe?)

In any case, what a fantastic read. Equal parts interesting and heartbreaking.

What struck me most is that whenever I play a game that is awful, or just disappointing, it becomes easy to blame/demonize the faceless developers. Heck, after playing Jumper for the 360, or Superman 64…I just want to think of the designers as drunken folk spending their time beating puppies between crafting a game that they are making because they hate humanity (or something).

While I never quite thought of SFTM:TG to be THAT legendarily awful, it is sobering to read how hard Mr. Noon tried, and what incredibly awesome intentions he had.

This thread, in a small way, has increased the love for SFTM:TG. It’ll be hard for any of us to look at the game and not have a newfound respect for it. Sure, it ain’t the greatest…but whenever I see it, I’ll think of this thread and be reminded of the effort that went into it. Seeing what a great guy Alan Noon is makes it even harder to hate the game.

I’m still holding out hope that the makers of “Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust” spent their time kicking handicapped kittens.


PS: On my first date EVER with my wife, we went to see Street Fighter: The Movie in the theatre. The mere fact that she stuck with me after that is astounding.


Props for wearing in an Indians Throwback Jersey Mr. Noon :woot: (Cleveland is my Hometown)

Thank you for posting all of this…and it breaks my heart that you feel SF4 was not the game you wanted back when this thread started in 2007.


let me break it down for you when ryu does a spinny kick its “uh tat tat boo kak”, and when he does this flying punch thingy its “ah you can”

i doubt a game for chun li would make a difference, wots the difference with that and the street fighter movie game?


I have the PSOne version. It’s honestly not that bad. It would be playable if it didn’t look like vomit.


i wonder what he thought of SF4…



[media=youtube]QlpGcHMiO7o[/media] SFTM rocks


This is the best thread on srk… it took me two days to finish it. I ended up buying what will hopefully be a near mint copy off of eBay for PS1. :]


Ironically I think his assessment of the gameplay isn’t inaccurate, but the way he worded it seems kind of pass. If he played it more and rewrote that post he’d probably end up saying the same thing but with different words.


who came up with the idea for that super??


Originally Posted by PROFESSORLESTER View Post
[media=youtube]QlpGcHMiO7o[/media] SFTM rocks
who came up with the idea for that super??

A blind 4 year old.


Capcom :xeye:


That’s not the same game the topic is about. I actually like that one though. I have it on Saturn and PS1, both the American and Japanese versions.

I wish they would’ve ported the arcade version. Sure it’s not as good as the console versions but the new special moves and the combo system were interesting.


This guy got some vid of how street fighter the movie is played seriously. It looks unpolished and spastastic. No recovery on special moves or any moves for that matters, air srk, rainbow edition style hadokens ( even one that went off the screen then came back and finished the opponent [media=youtube]elj540J1p9I#t=50[/media] ) and much much more.

One thing that caught my eye is that you can counter a throw but the opponent can counter the counter but you can counter the counter that counter…if that made any sense at all lol


Wow, it’s fun to see that this thread still gets some love. I really enjoy looking at the responses.

That was from the home version, not the coin op. Not sure what is supposed to be going on there. :slight_smile: