Street Fighter the Movie Broke My Heart




Thanks for those vids. This Gief playthrough is amazing. I thought he had no chance against Akuma, then he whipped out the most retarded infinite in history. He does some damn nice juggles too, even though everything juggles.


Still, SFTM was shitloads better than SF 2009 movie.


Have you posted the Sheng Long picture you were talking about? Wouldn’t mind getting a look at it.


I’m well over 3 years late to the party, but I just read this thread and I’d like to say thanks for going through all the trouble to write this. Time Killers and Bloodstorm are still 2 of my favorite games from my childhood and I love reading about them.


kasumi ninja, among other things

so alan, why did sftm game have terrible physics, compared to mortal kombat 2, and did the team try to figure out what mortal kombat was doing? i guess i’m also asking, why did mortal kombat work, while other digi fighters failed. for ex: tattoo assassins(already mentioned) sftm, kasumi ninja. i’ve never understood why mk looked so much better than every 2d digitized game ever made.


Once again, for the last time-the ps1 version and the saturn version are COMPLETELY didfferent to the ARCADE version which the OP is talking about. the console versions are NOT CONVERSIONS of the arcade game. You are comparing apples to badgers.


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A late comer to the party and a long time lurker too but I also want to give my thanks for a fascinating thread and a great read.


SRK’s best thread?


looks like Capcom Japan was right. although, in SF4 he does have a terrible model and scrubby playstyle working against him.


SFTM:TG Saturn/PSX version is actually pretty solid. I need to play it more sometime.


I still play this game on MAME. I think the arcade is way better than the home console versions. I love the juggle from doing hurricane kicks and 3-4 uppercutts w/ ryu, it never gets old.


Really? I find his words quite bemusing for the most part, mainly because had anyone but him said that, they’d be getting branded as a scrub right about now. I find it very strange how someone who worked on a Street Fighter game and is a long time fan of the series somehow can’t figure out what guages are for, Grooves must have confused the hell out of him…


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This is literally the best thread I’ve read on SRK, thank you for reviving it.


Thanks for reviving this amazing thread and thanks to Mr.Noon for creating the best thread i’ve seen on SRK.