Street Fighter the Movie Broke My Heart


Thanks for the info, I’ll look into it.

Now, back to the topic of Chun Li and her non-reversed throws in SFTM… Anoon, are you still there? :slight_smile:

Oh, and one more thing: what’s with the “HUUUUAAAAGHHH!!!” that plays whenever you insert a coin? It sounds like somebody’s having digestive problems.


Akuma is Ryu’s dad.


The person implementing that character took it upon themselves to program it that way. They decided for whatever reason that Chun Li’s moves looked better being performed from one direction over the other and went ahead and put it in “backwards” from the rest of the characters.

That was one of the sound effects from Zangief’s recording session. Again, somebody decided that was a good/funny idea and went ahead on their own and put that in.

Pretty terrible IMHO.

Video game development was very different back then from what it is now, especially in the coin op realm and as a small, independently owned company. It was the wild west.


Thanks for the answers! :slight_smile:


If Ken is Japanese is his full name Kenshiro?

In case no ones seen this 3:43


…first-time posting to SRK but have visited and enjoyed the site for years…which is why I’m puzzled to have not read this before…I had to be 12 when SFII came to the arcades, and until that time the only fighting games (or beat-em-ups as they’re affectionately labeled) I played faithfully were Final Fight and Double Dragon…I must’ve lost my mind AND found my heart at the same time…Guile was my best character and I admired the whole cast, mastering all of their moves and techniques with the precision of a surgeon…each iterating installment further edu-trained my senses, so of course (like most of you) I was excited at the thought of making a movie out of the most popular game franchise to-date…luckily, I didn’t see the movie upon its initial release while simultaneously being informed of how terrible the plot was executed (DAMN YOU, VAN DAMME!!) One movie night however featured a vhs rented tape of the classic…Raul Julia saved the entire experience with his acting success (that which I’m also disappointed was his last), while Jean-Claude seemed to not snap into his role as fluidly as in his other films…everything I could say about the film has already been covered in this AMAZING read, SEVEN+YEARS later, and I’ve truly admired all opinions towards this staple of the series, especially grateful to know that I wasn’t alone in my curiosities…the game immediately reminded me of MK, which was neither good nor bad (seemed many fighting game franchises were experimenting in one way or another at the time), but it definitely threw me off for a cool while, inevitably urging me towards the SNK line-up of exquisite fighters (KOF series mainly)…by time I got to my twenties I pretty much had a feel for every popular fighter, no matter who nor where nor whence it came, but always kept a corner of wonder stashed away for SFTMTG…I ignored it as much as possible…like others felt, it WAS the black sheep…but now, with all of this soul spilt over these pages, the hope, the promise, the endurance beyond, I can’t help but be thankful for this read…I had always figured it was more to the experience of both productions (movie and game), and I’m glad to have somewhat of an inside perspective presented in generous form…disillusioned Capcom is for distancing themselves from this project as it was definitely a learning tool not to be treated with defiance and arrogance, and I’m sure that retrospect given to at least their accountability would have granted the company more respect than it has earned in its later years…in any weight, your experience, Mr. Noon, is nothing less than Golden…thank you for allowing yourself to shine for all to see…


Fucking shit, use paragraphs and sentences!


In (the horribly animated) Alpha Generations a priest tells Ken Akuma is Ryu’s dad. And the first Alpha movie kinda hints at it, the movie has a ton of non-cannon things in it but I think subtlety made it more apparent.


Not in the games, not in the source mooks, non-canon.


IKR? I was straining my eyes trying to read that mess. I’m no Grammar Nazi but god damn people should at least use paragraphs and periods. That’s just basic for writing coherently.


I think the Street Fighter movie could’ve been alright if they had kept the plot simple ala have it revolve around the world warrior tournament. Ryu as main. Bison as Villian. Vega and Balrog and the rest of Shadaloo doing stuff behind the scenes. A side plot with Chun-Li trying to bust them cuz she’s interpol. As the tournament progresses Bison’s true colors are revealed and in the finals a epic showdown between Ryu and Bison.

The movie could’ve been a cool martials arts flick focusing on epic fights with a decent story to carry it. But instead they tried to take a lore as simple as SFII’s and try to make it an epic tale with military soldiers and shit.


what should Orson Welles say then…his last role was the voice of Unikron in the Transformers movie…


Street fighter movie’s biggest mistake is the same that many movies based on video games have made. It tried to be realistic and similar to mainstream movies rather than true to the game.


But it actually played like a super jank version of ST. Watch some Japanese tournament footage of it, the game is bad, but it is somewhat accurate the the games.


Oh I was talking about the actual film, not the game based on the film. Actually played the game a few times at the arcade back in the day, thought it was sort of fun even though it looked horrible.


…like I said, dumb people…especially to complain on a FORUM, no brain…more people should be enlightened; if it were a direct conversation then the pauses and format is necessarily needed…fuck some typed words, for real…

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The fuck… dude all we’re asking of you is to use sentences and paragraphs when writing a long post like that. Such massive run on sentences are a bitch to read. If you can’t be bothered to type in a coherent manner, then no one will bother to read your post.


Bumping a 10 year old thread. Wow, such a great and historical thread. Thanks retrosnow and most importantly anoon!


Anybody knows if its possible to select Player 2 colors in the Arcade Version? I mean by playing solo of course.


Thanks for this amazing thread! I never played SFTM but I love hearing behind-the-scenes accounts, especially in cases like this where it’s a matter of “what went wrong” and lessons learned.

Polygon just linked to this thread in an article with interviews about what went wrong with Street Fighter, the 1996 movie.