Street Fighter the Movie Broke My Heart


I have to admit, I like to mess around with SFTM on MAME every now and then, it is dumb fun! And I do have the PS1 version also, wich as it has been already stated is a completely different game, that one actually plays pretty good imo, kinda like ST.


This thread is an amazing read. Lots of cool bits of information about this game and its development, from Alan Noon himself. SFTM, or the arcade version at least, is so full of secrets and mysteries it fascinates me.

I’d like to share a little known secret about the game. Not sure if it’s been mentioned before. If you get 50 consecutive wins in versus mode, this happens:

Blanka may not have been added as a playable character, but at least something related to him made it the final version. There also is an unused ending for him.

There is a Fei Long cameo too, and he’s supposedly played by Kenya Sawada, just with black pants and a different haircut. I find it interesting that both Blanka and Fei Long have cameos, and their respective themes are in the game as well. This leads me to believe that out of all the cut characters, they were the closest to making it to the game.

Still, there are several unanswered questions about the game. Thanks to this video, we know you can fight Khyber, but is there a way to fight Arkane or F7? Is Super Bison legitimately selectable or are cheats the only way? Has anyone searched for unused sprites and stuff in the ROM?

It’s not possible as far as I know, but I could be wrong.


Wow I loved this game as a kid. This forum is fantastic and have no idea how I missed it. It to bad the Mr. Noon’s blog is no longer up, I would have loved to read it and see the pictures. I have seen lots of the pictures online but would love to see all of them. Was there a complete text version of the behind the scenes info ever release? I know there was talk about it a while ago. Thank you Mr. Noon reading this was awesome!