Street Fighter The Movie Frame Data

Like the title says, i’m after frame data for Street Fighter The Movie…

Does it even exist?

Anyone know where i can get it?


I feel bad for the poor guy that would compile all this. Maybe the guy from that made the beyond epic thread a couple years ago would know.

i wouldn’t mind having this information either

i also am curious on thoughts of the tier list

I know zangief is pretty low on there, his SPD does less damage than other character’s normal throws, his only plus is his c.fp being better than a shoryu as antiair in that game

Yeah i’d really like to know info on the tiers in this game too if anyone has it…

I’m hoping to go pretty deep on this game, i really like it.

I held a tournament a month ago. We hadn’t played the game before the previous night, but it was loads of fun. The results are here. will post em up on SRK later on…

From that SFTM thread, that Anoon guy posted this:
“I love 3D graphics, but I never felt the 3D fighters offered the same type of game play I was looking for. I check them all out, but I never play them for long. Virtual Fighter never appealed to me. Tekken was OK, as was the first Soul Calibur. I actually kind of liked that 3D King of Fighters on Xbox, until I quickly found out how shallow it was. Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed the second Def Jam game even though I’m totally over hip hop in general.
I’m still waiting for that gorgeous 3D fighter with the old school game play and feel to lure me back in!”

Think he’s playing IV now?

I remember some of the character’s have ridiculous combos, I recall ken having a combo going something like this:
c.rh (launches) c.jab c.jab c.jab fierce shoryuken or something similar to that, it’s been a while.

there’s a multi-game guile combo video on youtube where guy does very lengthy juggle combos with guile in SF: The movie.

Sendo: that’s not the arcade version, it’s a very different game. probably worse too.

Does anyone know the differences beteween the PS1, Saturn, and Arcade versions of the game?
Those match videos have motivated me to get my PS1 version out and have a bad time

The Arcade version came out first, so it was largely unpolished. afaik it was pretty unbalanced, Blanka and Deejay were missing, voice acting was bad, and the throwing system was whack (“counterrr! escape! slaaaammaster!”). It added some other mechanics as well, but the only important one was the hilarious 100% juggles :rofl:

The PSX/Saturn versions feel more like a proper SF game, but they play like a slower version of ST. You might as well just play ST. :looney:

Cheers for the responses guys. Yeah, the ones i’m interested in are the PSX/Saturn versions.

Can’t seem to find any info at all, anywhere…:frowning:

Yeah not so much :slight_smile:

on topic, I have a guilty pleasure for this game on MAME… Sagat evil eye patch, tiger knee, fp, tiger knee, fp, tiger knee tiger knee, fp ETC ETC

i have this game on a dedicated arcade cab … more for laughs than anything. two of the strangest things about this game: 1) honda’s command throw = hold all 3 punch buttons for 3 seconds and let go 2) “tag-team” mode activated by holding roundhouse on both sides

… seriously… wtf?

people actually play this still? i thought it was a bad game when it came out long ago.

i got a really good deal on the cabinet… ive had the game for close to 2 years and played it maybe 30 times