Street Fighter The Movie The Game Thread

Street Fighter The Movie The Game

Now this game might be shit but it is also hilarious. But unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any real useful info around. Especially if you want to bust out some broken combos for a laugh.

Here is what I’ve found:


Combo Videos:

**Does anybody have any lists of combos/infinites/broken stuff/ridiculous properties of moves etc? **Anything, even just general info on the game that isn’t covered in the FAQ?

lol i remember when this game came out… people played it in the arcade for about 2 days… then empty. lol
but i agree it is funny

sorry double post

Sega Saturn and PSX versions were garbage. I like the arcade version better, you can juggle like crazy on that game. I was surprised Guile can juggle like that and I didn’t even know about the handcuffs till now. Can that be performed on the home console versions as well? This game doesn’t get old, I still play it on MAME. All I do is hurricane kicks and uppercutts all day w/ Ryu.