Street Fighter The Movie

If I ever become a billionaire I’m going to personally finance the creation of a live action Street Fighter movie WITHOUT consulting Capcom regarding copyright shit. And the reason why is because if Capcom ever saw this script there is no way they would give their approval for such a movie to be made using their precious, bankable trademark characters. The movie would be bootleg, sold by hustlers on the streets baby.

First of all I am no director or script writer I would be producer with creative input but ultimately ceding control to more artistic and talented personages than myself. But here are some essential features of this movie as I envision it:

Gay relationship between Ryu and Ken. Shower scene
savage blanka living in the forest in wretched conditions and biting off the neck of a live chicken
Chun Li Cammy Bison three way
Balrog would look and act exactly like the real life Mike Tyson during his dark days in jail.
Vega would be a vain bisexual narcissist and a sadist to boot
Chun Li is fighting to avenge her father, wants to kill Bison but is ultimately seduced by him
hot sixteen year old sakura
also feat. Dan, Sagat, Zangief (Zangief must be truly hulking and must have his chest hair permed), Akuma, E Honda.

Also this movie will NOT be a parody. It will be a perversion of the characters but well written, directed, shot, with inspiring music. It will be the street fighter story we know transformed by a sea change, into something rich and strange.

Spew forth your hateful/supportive comments! Please post your own ideas and additions!

Lol. Sounds epic.

I personally have this same goal, minus all the gay shit.

This may be the only idea I’ve ever heard that would actually set the Street Fighter movies (with the exception of the animated features) back a step further than they have gone…up until now.

These games have incredible stories and rich source material to work from, but the issue with all movies based on fighting games is that it’s incredibly difficult just to have a movie with 2 guys fighting, then 2 more…etc. I do hope that some day they make something that won’t make fans cringe!

imo, the writers took a good step with the chunli movie, by only narrowing down the cast to where the plot isnt about 12-15 guys fighting all over the world. Simple as the typical ‘revenge, you killed my father’ plotline is, its an easier focus and the plot could be understood better for the casual audiances who dont know street fighter.

lol. agree.


You cannot divorce Street Fighter from the gayness. It’s like trying to make a straight Top Gun… impossible.

When you think about it. Not all of the ideas are farfetched XD

Though as far as the gayness goes, I think I’d rather take Bison and Vega over Ryu and Ken despite it being obvious XD

Hell if you got the characters to a T it would be worth it. (My main gripe being that both of the live actions so far, NEITHER of the actors for Vega were pretty nor seemingly narcissistic.)

I’m all for a Charlie/Guile shower scene. Yeah, I said it.

there is already a gay scene with Ryu and Ken in their Japanese animated series in a hot tub their both naked and “playing” around… i forgot which episode #

Well Capcom did green light that godawful Chun Li movie so maybe they’ll green light this one too.

Hell, they did greenlight the animes of SFA and SF4, and those are even lamer than the live action movies, so there’s room for anything in a SF movie.

The Bison Chun-Li is creepy but I totally support the Ryu/Ken thing. Ken is married and so gay for Ryu.

Yay for 3 ways, awesome script and marketing plan. Should have Dan buying 3 lbs of Jamaican ganja from Dee Jay.

It’s an all out free for all rainbow parade… Street Fighter style