With all the talk about Street Fighter 3 and the fanbase seemingly split between sf 2/(4?) and sf 3, what are your thoughts on the game?

how do you guys feel about it?


You already know how this is gonna end…

Clown from Spawn: “But that train just keeps running over ya…just keeps runnin over ya.”


maybe with an overall voting we can get a good idea of how many people actually love this gem and there will be less talk about it.


GG is the number 1


I picked the second choice. I hope nobody talks out of their ass in this thread…


This thread doesn’t even need to exist.


This is A FIGHTING GAME DISCUSSION. you got that, you dumb scrub. I got your comment and giving me negative. feel real proud of yourself. maybe i will scrub your ass out one day at any fighting game and you will be begging me to go back to halo.


and here we go >.>


Sorry dude you’re an idiot and your thread sucks

Why is this thread here and not there?


Does it LOOK like you can make a new thread there without putting into an existing topic??? think before you post, I would say the same about myself but I am content with making this topic. It is a never ending topic but that’s everywhere else. at least maybe it can be kept in the confines of this thread.

the game is unjustly shat upon and I KNOW there are people who are SCARED to post anything good about the game because of ALL these scrubs with premium that will give you negative for it. I enjoy a lot of fighting games, and third strike is unique and competitive and deserves it’s recognition.


3rd Strike is an okay game. I play it over GGPO but SF4 will probably replace it even though I don’t like SF4 from what I saw.


I think all 3s players are homosexuals who wouldn’t parry a dick heading straight for their ass and I hate the OP.


Post of the year.


I love this forum. <3


turd strike is the dumbest fucking game ever…EVER


Stop lounging around in the desert SK!


I second this motion


There are better games. Like 2I.


I tried to learn this game but the game is just boring. its not as fun as SF2