Street Fighter Tiers - by storyline

Wow. These storyline pointers will definitely help out my game.

Gen should be at the top, the only reason he didn’t beat akuma was because of a terminal illness.

Akuma and Oro never meet in SF3 if I remember right, but that could be wrong. Either way I think he’s up there.

Ken should be up one I think because he had a better win record until sf3 and supposedly has something more significant to fight for, being his family, as opposed to Ryu who doesn’t really fight for anyone other than himself.

My memory’s kinda fuzzy about all this though.

from the plot guide-

Oro vs Gouki - Oro has finally found the man who’s ki he sensed, and he and
Gouki decide to rough each other up a little. But again, it has nothing to
do with the character’s ending. Oro’s ending could conceivably have
happened even if this battle did take place, though, since it doesn’t seem
like either Oro or Gouki are in a serious fight-to-the-death move so much
as mostly curious. Street Fighter Eternal confirms that the two did meet,

Pretty interesting. Kind of dumb. But I like it anyway, for the most part. Up until tier 6.

Poor Dan.

fei long was a famous fighter that became weaker when he got famous, he’s weaker but deffinetly not as low as anyone is claiming

as for gen and akuma, gen is on goukens tier. im pretty sure younger gen and gouken could beat akuma.

as for oro, i’d say he’s on goutetsu’s tier because of age

This is the only time I’ll ever get to see Q listed as high tier :frowning:

Crimson Viper beat the shit out of Cammy and forced Ryu into Satsui no Hadou, which is something Sagat did in the past. I would say she is at least on par with Sagat, and probably the strongest out of the fighters introduced in Street Fighter IV, including Seth.

Not anymore.

In anycase, I thought you’d be a bit more offended that the OP just stole these lines directly from your Story FAQ verbatim without even crediting or asking you about it. But I guess if its cool with you…

And why not anymore?

The OP “stole” them from an outdated version of the document. Moreover the OP didn’t credit himself for making them. I’m fully aware of who came up with the lines as well as their degree of validity.

Real talk here?

That plot guide was a life saver in my Planning Theory class during grad school.

I guess I’m not a true SF nerd then. Good. Fuck the SF storyline.

The site I got it from actually didn’t say who wrote it originally. But I did state at the beginning that I didn’t write this myself, I was just sharing it, because I found it interesting. :]

You’re right in regards to how the movie presented those fights.

I really think Viper is questionable in power terms for a few reasons though…

  1. Rule of Cool. They had to show her kicking ass. They can’t introduce new characters and let them come off as shitty in their debut appearance.
  2. Udon comics shows Viper as powerful, but certainly not on Ryu’s level. Sakara lands actual hits on her and gives her way more difficulty than Cammy did in the film.
  3. The Suit…All of Viper’s powers/bad-assery comes from the suit. Sure, it’s hard to control it, but Guile would be pretty top tier if he got his jet from Alpha 3 right? :sweat: What happens when Vega shows up and attacks Viper fresh out of the shower? He likes doing that, just ask Chun :rofl: . So, I think we really have to tier out naked Viper as well. You know…for perspective sake


But again, they DO hype her skill set in that very poorly written film.

Cody wins most of these fights cause he’s a clever fighter who does battle with any means nessecary: rocks, dirt, knives, bottles. etc. On top of that, his skill is not to shabby either.

Of course, if we’re talking natural skill, then take Vega, Sodom, and Rolento down to tier 9. They are crap without their toys. Viper can go down to Sean tier, since training means nothing to her, and Sean at least attempts to train with Ryu and Ken.

We already have a SF storyline discussion going on in the Fan Fiction forums.

There’s a story to the games I play?

As little as I care about a story in a fighting game, this is actually kinda cool. Props.

Yeah, people who care about storyline are totally nerds, LOL!

Now, let’s go back to memorizing frame data…

isn’t Gen as powerful as Akuma? That’s why Akuma is/was pursuing him. But he found out he was weakened due to illness and no longer wished to fight him, though they were evenly matched.