Street Fighter Tiers

Can anyone describe the power of the Street Fighter tiers? Like in Darkstalkers a Class D being can destroy an entire army of elite guards and Class A can destroy a planet. Can Tier 2 take out an army?

I imagine the only ones capable of destroying planets are Gill, SF3 Akuma and maybe SFA3 Shin Bison.

And Oro. I’d say a Shin SF3 Akuma. While he did destroy the sunken tanker/ocean liner I’m sure it still took a lot of concentration.

For all of these super baddies (and it’s Psycho Bison, and I’m sure he could) I think it would take a lot of concentration. I mean hours upon hours of concentration to destroy the whole world. I’m sure there is like some mad chi barrier (just to make it a little less easy) that prevents someone from destroying the world with the flick of a wrist.

None of these guys can destroy a planet.

Gouki can destroy a mountain, an island and a ship. That’s the extent of his powers. If you think otherwise, that’s speculation without proof until you see him destroy a planet. Or at least a continent for that matter.

If Vega(Cape) could destroy a planet, he wouldn’t need that big robot in Thailand to send a beam up to a satellite to destroy one city.

Gill’s never destroyed anything. Same for Oro.

Darkstalkers are way beyond Street Fighters. Some SFers can defeat an entire army like Class D. Please note that Class D Darkstalkers are those that are to weak to be featured in the games. Think of those useless demons killed by Donovan, Lin Lin and Lei Lei in the Anime.

I believe those are Class C. They’re generally no stronger than your average person. Class D are the beasts of Makai, but they’re not necessarily weak. The armor of Bishamon is Class D, but its power level is Class B+. Even among Darkstalkers, there’s only few that can destroy a planet as in completely blow it up. Berial Aensland is one and he’s S+. He can kill Jedah with one shot. I suppose Pyron in his true form can destroy a planet too.


  1. Class S
    They have the ability to rule Makai. The three high noble’s of Makai
    Belial Aensland
    Galnan Voshtal
    Jedah Dohma
    Belial is classified as a S+ class and he is far stronger than the other two. Morrigan was also born as an S class darkstalker

  2. Class A
    These are mainly the masters of the noble families of Makai.
    They are called the 7 nobles of Makai and are always observing the movements of the three high nobles.

Lepe family
present master: Persimmon de Lepe (male)
The Lord of the land that surrounds the volcano Gilala Gila. He is one of the oldest families next to the Aensland family.

Maximoff family
present master: Demitri Maximoff (male)
A young ambitious noble who challenged Belial Aensland. He lost the battle and was banished to the human world. He revived himself after 100 years.

Hartland family
present master: Gregorio Hartland (male)
He is the most handsome noble of Makai. He is served by women and leads a life of joy and pleasure. Mejina is his female officer and an absolute servant.

Kreutz family
present master: Xell Kreutz (male)
He is a violent master whose family is opposed to the Hartland family. His appearance is the least human looking.(A dragon with wings)

Drey family
present master: Taurus Drey (male?)
A collector in Makai, he has various items in collection. Hannya and Kien were formerly in his possession.

Gilman family
present master: Sierra do Gilam (female)
A philosopher of Makai, she wrote many books like, “The beginning of darkness”, “Me and Makai”, etc. She speaks 78 languages and is able to use 1,400 spells.

Funechika family
present master: Ed Funechika (male)
The current master of a group of martial artists. He is the holder of the 666th level in Makenpo. They hold so much respect for the mind that he lacks actual battle skills.

Emperor Ozom is ranked as a A+ class as well.

SF Tier 1 is either S or A+. Tier 2 is Class A or A-.

*3) Class B+
They have special abilities and are stronger than the average citizen of Makai. They are the warriors of Makai. These people would be called the Darkstalkers. There are roughly 10,000 Makai warriors.

Most of the characters in the game are of this class

Tier 3-5 goes here.

4) Class B
Compared to the B+ class, they lack special abilities and powers. Most of the residents of Makai are of this class. Roughly 6 million citizens of this class live in Makai.

Tier 6 goes here. Tiers 7 & 8 are B-.

5) Class C
The slave class of Makai. They are the livestock and servants for the higher classes. Without them, the economy of Makai wouldn’t hold. Humans who wander into Makai by accident are classified in this class. There are roughly 120 million.

Tier 9 & 10 goes here, probably C+ since they can at least fight.

6) Class D
The inferior beasts of Makai. This class points to all creatures in Makai who physically do not look anything human. Although inferior, some beasts can understand language and can form their own society. There are also beasts who are stronger than those of a B Class. There have been roughly 2,000 beasts who are of B+ class confirmed. Hannya and Kien are also of the B+ class. The total number of beasts in Makai is said to be higher than 30 billion.

Blanka and Twelve could also go here, even though they’re more powerful than Class C.

[quote=Psycho Power J]
I believe those are Class C. They’re generally no stronger than your average person. Class D are the beasts of Makai, but they’re not necessarily weak. The armor of Bishamon is Class D, but its power level is Class B+. Even among Darkstalkers, there’s only few that can destroy a planet as in completely blow it up. Berial Aensland is one and he’s S+. He can kill Jedah with one shot. I suppose Pyron in his true form can destroy a planet too.

Gosh darnit, this is the second time I got that wrong here, DOH!

But I still say you are giving the Street Fighters way too much credit.

The person who translated those Darkstalker classes for the DS Plot Guide and wrote the guide, Saiki, will straight up tell you all of the Darkstalkers are way more powerful than SF characters. It’s something he always says. No one on the net knows more about DS/SF than he does. He’s hard to track down, but if you see him posting on Gamefaqs you could ask him.

Here’s a quote from Ken Siu-Chong in a recent Play Magazine Interview when asked about a SF/DS/RS crossover. As you may know, while Studio Udon does change things they get their storylines straight from Capcom of Japan.

“I mean, some of the weakest Darkstalkers characters would probably kick the ass of most of the powerful SF characters! It would make for some pretty quick fights!”

To paraphrase an old Kataklysmic quote, Leave DS to GG and SS, and leave SF to RS, KOF, FF and AOF.

Here’s a thread you can read where we discussed this in detail, since this is about the fourth or fifth time we’ve been over this… ^_^;

Has anyone posted the GGX2 tiers? Story wise, that is. I have an idea, but I’m not turning up any results on the web.

Not necessarily teirs, but the storyline.

I think that Basically it’ll be Sol as the most powerful because of him having the Jinki, and having killed Justice. From therein I imagine that it would be the gears of Justice, Dizzy and Testament followed by those who posess the Jinki (Ky and Anji) and then the rest. However it has been debated that “Raven” is more powerful from the following quote

Dunno if that falls into GGX2 categories though.


Yeah, that was the first site I checked.
The main site seems to be down, though. So I can’t check their forums.
I didn’t know how to rate Raven or That Man because there’s really almost nothing on them in the games.

I figured Sol would be near the top or at the top, since he killed Justice and beat Dizzy.
I’d gathered that Slayer and I-No are right up there with Sol, due to in game story.

I just said GGX2 because that’s the most recent game.(storywise)

I suppose you can move some of the SF tiers down a bit, but I don’t think I’m too far off. I mean some of the SF characters like Twelve could be classified as a Darkstalker and he’s Tier 4. Urien has a steel body and he’s Tier 3. Those two alone can give Darkstalkers like Felicia and Victor a good fight. Hell, B.B.Hood is mostly human (except for her Dark soul) and she relies on conventional weapons like guns most of the time. Ryu could most likely beat her.

Akuma can sink an island and split a mountain! Not even those with B+ power level like Bishamon can conceivably do that. Sasquatch can freeze you sure, but Gill can both freeze AND burn you, if not disintegrate you with Seraphic Wing. He can also revive himself on top of that. Those in Tier 1 qualify for no less than Class A.

well unless he directly states which sf characters he had in mind it’s hard to know which he was referring to. i mean, ryu is one of the most power sf characters and so is sagat. so he could be referring to those guys and not akuma, gill, oro or bison. and if he were referring to ryu or sagat, there is a huge gap between their abilities and the 4 guys i just mentioned. obviously, and i’m not trying to deny this, ds characters are stronger than sf characters. but the best characters in sf could probably give some darkstalkers (i dont mean characters like demitri or pyron) a run for their money. and about akuma, most of the times in the games it only reveals his abilities as akuma and not shin akuma. like when he destroys that boat and ayers rock or whatever that is only akuma doing it and not shin akuma. notice his hair is still red instead of silver. so it’s harder to gauge shin akuma’s abilities compared to ds characters since all we know is that he gets a lot stronger. i could be wrong about this but i dont recall his hair turning colour in those endings which leads me to think that he would be stronger than what those endings show.

Darn Anime making everyone think Felicia’s a wimp… She’s a Darkstalker. Burn her, she’s burned for a frame, she’s back(But I guess you can say this about SF characters and every other Anime character.) Freeze her at subzero temperatures like Sasquatch can, she survives. Human Beings would die from this. Cut her in half, she gets better. It’s almost like comparing the defensive abilities of Elmur Fudd and Superman. While Darkstalker’s story is serious, they rely on cartoon rules more than SF does. When you play the games you’ll see it all over the place.

As for Bulleta using conventional weapons, she can cry the spirit of her grandma. She can hold giants in a blanket. Her Basket can hide anything. She’s a bit more than Magnum P.I. there.

As far as your tiers, starting Tier 1 at B, MAYBE. Starting Tier one at Class C, better. But put don’t put Sfers at S or A.

You’re not seriously judging the Darkstalkers by their comedic in-game performances, are you? I mean, think about it, can you seriously judge the storyline capabilities of the SFers in comparison to each other by their gameplay tiering? Felicia is just a catgirl whose most impressive power is her ability to change from cat form to her antromorphic form. Nothing in the storylines indicate she can actually pull herself back together if she gets sliced in half.

But where do you draw the line? If you throw out what Felicia can do comedically, do you keep Midnight Blisses or get rid of those too? Do you ignore all the stuff Bulleta can do just because it makes no sense? I’m not sure what you are supposed to keep or throw in, but SF and DSers work differently, you can’t really match them up or compare. SF is based on the theory that if you dedicate yourself to training you can do amazing things. DS is about what you were born as, what you can do. It’s two different universes. You can reject Felicia getting chopped in half if you wish, but surviving sub zero temperatures and surviving being burned alive are things you kind of have to accept otherwise she’d be loooong dead. Heck, even in the Anime she survived being set on fire. Human Beings can not hang. Gods > Aliens > Monsters > ‘Gifted Martial Artists’ > Human Beings. Okay?

Following that logic, you could say that everyone in the SF world is just as flameproof and powerful. Just watch them get up after they are immolated by Dhalsim’s flames. They take apart automobiles and flaming barrels for fun. They get sliced up by Vega and pierced by Ibuki’s kunai, and then both from Twelve, and they STILL get back up for more. Do you see how silly it starts to get? We can only get so much from the game itself (what abilities they have and so on), but things like getting turned into tabletop accessories if they’re finished by Bishamon’s EX pursuit should be taken with a grain of salt. The most reliable way of comparing them is through their storyline power levels.

Interesting note: if you defeat Felicia with a move that cuts her apart like Lilith’s grab, she stays cut in half. That holds true for all the Darkstalkers.

put the Sfer’s in Class S or A is just insane since they have to take on star destorying beings like Pyron. that’s like putting Carnage on Galactus’s level.

Morrgain’s Father is at lest on the same level as Lucifer Morningstar while the other Class S Darkstalkers are around the level of high-end cosmic entities such as Galactus and Anti-Monitor.

Class A Darkstalkers are at lest around Pre-Crisis Superman or Pre-Crisis Darkseid

Here’s a link about just how cold Russia gets during the winter time.

Lots of great points there.

Your Interesting note - And yet most of the DSers return in every game. It’s the equivalent of Mortal Kombat’s Fatalities were almost everyone comes back in a sequel. Doesn’t happen. Unless the DSers put themselves back together, but then we’re back to the begining.

SFers are human beings. There’s a certain amount of logic that goes with being a human being. Darkstalkers/Monsters, the same logic can’t be applied. I’m sure the WB never sat down and wrote Wile E. Coyote can not be killed by ten tons of dynamite in his official bio but guess what? Capcom’s not taking there strengths/weaknesses as seriously as you are, and why would they? It’s not like they’ll ever allow SFers and DSers to officially fight in a canon game or anything.

Most of this just makes for a fun debate of sorts, differences of opinion and what not. The bottom line is don’t put SFers in Class S or A, and thanks Sagatryu for lending a hand.

according to that site I just posted Zangief can survived in temperatures around -58F/-50C to -90F/-68C with just his bareskin.

oh by the way Sano you must remember that Sub Zero temperatures range from 1 below zero to 272 below zero.

absolute zero is -459F / -273C

Pyron’s power level is kinda hard to gauge. We know it’s up there since he can destroy planets, but he did lose to Demitri, who’s Class A. Demitri can’t even project his aura that protects him from sunlight unless his power is at 80%. The theory is that the form that Demitri defeated is a weaker humanoid form (about Class A or A+) that Pyron took when he became overconfident. This is a conjecture from his background. If we’re talking the Class S+ uber-cosmic form, then no, none of the SFers is on that level that I can agree. But it is feasible that the Tier 1 SFers can be at Class A.

Berial is classified as S+ since he’s special, and equivalent to a few hundred Class A. He’s the only one that can be considered on the level of cosmic beings. Pre-Crisis Superman is S+. Same goes for Galactus and Anti-Monitor, if they’re not completely off the charts. Other Class S like Jedah don’t appear to be on the level of Galactus, but maybe Silver Surfer.

But again, those are just gameplay features. Surely you can see why it’s not very accurate to gauge storyline power levels by the game alone.

Sure, Capcom doesn’t think much about the strengths/weakness of the DS characters, but they are based off your typical monsters. J.Talbain is based off werewolves, so his power is probably around that level. He’ll likely be able to just shrug off bullets and the like, but I haven’t seen a werewolf that could withstand getting burned to ashes or otherwise disintegrated. I’d put someone like Gill over him. Also, there’s no indication in the game or otherwise about his capability of protecting his soul from the Shungokusatsu, so Akuma could likely beat him too.

As for SFers being just human beings, I think it’s quite obvious that for the most powerful, they’re not just that at all. The Tier 1 have gone far beyond human limits. Hell, Twelve is not human at all, period.

And as for why debate, hey, this is SRK. It’s what we do for amusement. I’m finding this too interesting to just let it stop at only page 2. :party:

Was wondering about why you posted that.