Street Fighter to Tekken?

Does anybody have any tips for somebody who understands the mechanics of Street Fighter trying to get a grip of Tekken 6 (other than playing a ton)?

default is block high instead of block low
frame data is everything

but other than that, empty your cup. forget about what you learned from SF. you basically need to learn the game from scratch.

Tekken is a totally different game from Street Fighter. As stated above, learn to high block as opposed to low block. Air juggles are everything. If you can get someone in the air and juggle them, there really is nothing they can do about it. Get them at the wall too. Anything you can to do make you enemy helpless and take advantage of that helplessness, really.

Yeah, but stuff like blocking then punishing still applies, right? I find it hard to punish in this game, but I think that’s just inexperience with how characters move and recover. I also don’t know what to do at the start of a round.

I’m trying to learn Armour King, what kind of stuff is essential? Are there any combos equivalent to bnb’s in this game?

^ That’s exactly why you need to know your frame data. It’s essential for knowing what is punishable by what etc. Yeah there are “BnB’s” in Tekken but I’ve never played AK in any version so I can’t tell you anything about him.

Also, one way 3D fighters differ from 2D-ers is the spacing technique. In VF it’s called “stepping”. That’s basically what you’ll be doing at the start of the round and most of the time you’re not pressing buttons. It’s much more important in VF but the it applies to Tekken as well.

I havnt played T6 yet but I put a lot of time into T5

My suggestions are: Pick a character that you like. I suggest using Paul. Paul has quick recovery one more of his moves and his basic moves deal a lot of damage. His QCF+p move is great tool to start off learning the game with. ill get more into that move later.

Next with whatever character you choose to use learn a couple of juggle combos.

Next know your moves. Recovery, startup of your move is important along with spacing. If you can get your opponant to wiff a move that is the best thing. From a Wiff you punch with a launcher. Launcher will get someone in the air and you can start juggling a combo. JUGGLES IS what you will be looking for. If you do not know any custom juggle combos then punishing with an powerful attack is an alternate though less effect way but in the case that you use Paul his QCF+P punishes and deals nasty damage. 2 can leave you with 5% of your life.

Parry Parry Parry. Parry all low attacks if possible. once you parry punish immediately. punishing off a parry is hard than a regular more but goes a long way in shutting down and counter any low attacks.
Besides juggles you have pokes. Pokes are there just to mess with someones spacing.

If you get a knock down be relentless in dealing damage while they are down.

Remember that you can side step but beware of moves that are tracking.

finally is a great place to learn combos. The 10 hit combos in the game are mostly useless and almost never should be used

I hpe this helps. If you have specific questions then please ask.

Juggles are bigger in T6 than they were even in previous Tekken games because they added bounding. First thing you should do is look up your characters bound move. Bounds are essential to T6.

T6 is a real waiting game because juggles and bounds are so powerful that matches have a lot of momentum. Once someone gets juggled it’s pretty much over. You’ll want to poke until someone wiffs and you can juggle them.

As far as movement you have to learn which characters have a lot of tracking moves as a previous poster said. Some characters like Lili have a hard time with people that sidestep a lot. Most of her moves are vertical or non tracking.

Check out some of the T6 tournament vids at FADC. That’ll give you an idea about how the game is “suppose” to be played. Granted these are from when the game first game out but, it should still give you a little insight.

Finally just have fun and enjoy the pretty graphics. If you’re just starting the game then you’re obviously not going to be prolevel any time soon. Sure frame data is more crucial in T6 but, a lot of combos that do and don’t work can be figured out by either playing the game or going in training and messing around. Not to mention with 40 characters you can spend a lot of time just screwing around with them all.

I’m no expert but, hopefully this will help a little bit.

p.s. fuck azazel

I agree so much with this statement it’s not even funny…

Go to the front page of SRK and find that article on with that tekken tutorial video. Probably the best produced tutorial i’ve ever seen and it does a really good job of showing why knowing frames is importantin tekken.

I think that’s the video that iamtekken put up, it’s a two part series.

I went to a friends house to play tekken for the first time in forever thinking that at least some of the fighting game basics would transfer over. How wrong I was. I think my beef with tekken is that win or lose, I don’t know what I did to get that result. Shit is bonkers.

paul’s d + (sq + tri) is wicked. that quick shoulder check can be abused as it comes out quick and the recovery isnt bad if they block because the block stun last just about as long as your recovery time.