Street Fighter Tournament in NorCal


There will be a street fighter tournament coming up in Lodi, Ca. Just outside of stockton at a Gamecrazy. I will be organizing the event. The date is still TBA. But it will most likely be in late FEB or sometime in March.

The goal of this event is two things prizes which will be as follows.
1rst place- Free copy of Super Street Fighter IV, and gift card. Aswell as first spot in line for the midnight release.
2nd place- Free copy of Super Street Fighter IV and second spot in line for the midnight release.
3rd place- Gift card and 3rd spot in line for midnight release.

Entry fee will be $10 five of which will actually go toward the pre order of the game for you. The other five will be paying for the prizes.

The goal is for a large turnout and a midnight release. We will need a head count so if you would like to post your names and if you are coming for sure. The head count is usually about 30 ish people for the Lodi/Stockton area and I know some great players from Sac that will be showing. If you have any questions regarding the tournament just send me a message.

Lets get some hype for a small town getting a big turnout and some free games.
Ill post the adrdess and phone number for the store in the up coming week.


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im down


You do know the game comes out in April right?


Get your date for this tourny i got some friends and myself that are willing to make it.I jest need to know when its happening ahead of time.