Street fighter tournaments in uk?

I want to start going to tournaments in uk mainly in street fighter 4 third strike and few others
Maybe go to evo event next year
How do I go about this
Where are uk tournaments
How to eventually get to evo??

Check the UK thread in world wide matchmaking for info on the UK. Someone in there ought to be able to help you.

As for Evo, register, buy plane tickets, and go.

This site might help as far as UK/European tourneys go

Whereabouts in the UK are you?

This site - - may also help.

Versus Scotland runs their Hypespotting tournament every nowand then (I think they’re every 6 months, but not 100% sure). Never been, but I’ve watched some of it on stream and it seems like a pretty cool atmosphere.

Did somebody just ask about the UK scene? :smiley: To add to the above-mentioned tournaments, you might also want to check out:


Sodium Showdown XI - Bristol, 1st September -

Manchester Battle Arena - Warriors’ Return - Manchester, 28th September -

The King of Irn Fist - Glasgow, 19-20th October -

Teesports 2 - Middlesbrough, 23rd November -

Insomnia, the I series - Telford, 29th November. Has held a few fighting game tournaments in the most recent events. It ‘may’ do so again this December. Don’t hold your breath though.

Past/Notable tournaments:

Triple Threat - Southampton -

VSFighting - West Bromwich - Recently held the 3rd iteration in the West Midlands. I didn’t attend, but it looked very well run and well received. (

SuperVsBattle - London-based. Once the UK’s biggest and arguably Europe’s biggest tournament. It’s reputation has suffered a lot over the past few years. Though, fingers are crossed that next year’s event will bring it back to it’s past former glory. Expect to see it back around August 2014.

Proving Grounds Tournament Series - South Wales! - Held 5/6 iterations of this tournament. Can’t say for sure if there will be another one though

Scenes/ranbats/regular gaming sessions: - Pretty much the place to check for UKFGC drama, news and more. You can even arrange online sessions here.

Super Miner Battle Farm (SMBF) - South West England and Wales fighting game scene -

Bar Fights - Leicester - Thursdays -

360 gaming - London (usually SW, but has moved around a bit recently) - &

The legendary, Heart of Gaming (HoG), London (North Acton) - Tuesday-Sunday (will be 7 days a week again in the future.

It must be the UK’s, possibly even Europe’s pre-eminent arcade. A real arcade! :smiley: It has a multitude of fighters and even some dance machines and a shooter or two. It’s a place where Third Strike has permanent set ups on arcade machines - not on a console! Very popular and continues to grow in size. Even had a recent feature in Edge magazine and the Metro newspaper.

HoG is also host to regular weeklies!

Razer Colosseum Games - London - Made its debut at HoG on 17th August after being located in Harrow. Fairly regular. Keep an eye out for it on the UKFGC facebook page and HoG’s. Their website,

Electronic Dojo - Birmingham - Holds regular ranbats/gatherings and whatnot. Also has a few more listings for upcoming UK tournies on the website. & In fact it looks like they are holding a session tonight at 7pm! Held at Global
Gaming Arena (

Oh and you can also check out for a UK/Europe-centric forum. Took up the reigns from where NeoEmpire left off
(supposedly coming back at some point… but it might not be open to all).

Ok, I think I have covered most of it, though I may have missed some. Hope that helps! Check before you go!

Most of the above links are great!! (although a few haven’t really been maintained recently)

Though, for now I would say the best single source of UK Fighting Game community info (e.g. if you want to find out about a FG scene or an event in your area) is currently:

I run a scene in Colchester, Essex as well, weekly tournaments and 4 big events each year (to end each season) -

Moving to worldwide matchmaking since this suddenly got active.

Are there any locals, ranbats, weeklies, whatever around the Croydon area? do some tourneys in the area but you might also wanna travel to the other events around London