Street Fighter Toys- Ryu Kickstarter!


We just took over full control of CapoToys, after a partner split, and need to get funding for the Ryu Kickstarter. Check it out and spread the word to everyone you know! Thanks everyone for your support! Officially licensed by the way!



If you can make figures for Alex, Ibuki, Juri and Rolento, I’m behind this 100%!

You might want to post this on the Eventhubs forums too. I’d share it, but I can’t access my account there for some reason.


Thank you so much! I can make all those figures, but we need to make this first series of figures first! I want to make every character during the duration of the license.

Thank you for the link I just posted!


Only 104 backers. Man, these people don’t even realize how good they’ll have it.


@Kataklysmic Seriously man


It’s a shame about SF4 models, but good luck to you. They look pretty high quality.