Street fighter ultimate edition preview

for those of you, such as myself, who were disappointed by the previously digest-sized trades, this baby more than makes up for it!

Hooray! Best wallpaper EVER!!! (There’s a Ryu Wallpaper there for anyone who hasn’r clicked the link yet)

I divided mine halfway with black though just through Ryu’s arm just make my icons a tad more easy to see.

Cheers For the wallpaper UDON!

just wondering, is it hardcover?

no, softcover

They forgot to mention how much the damn book weighs… HOLY SHIT!!!

You could crack someone’s freakin’ skull with that…

It weighs more than most HARDCOVERS I’ve encountered.

Definitely not bathroom material unless you’re REALLY backed up…

So when is this actually being released?

it came out yesterday

where are you guys finding them at?

midtown comics has it in stock for 15% off

42 bucks sounds more of a reasonable price. soft covers get damaged real easily if not read with care.

Damn this sucker is heavy! I love it! Wonder if I should buy the hardcover now. Hmmmmm…