Street Fighter Ultracade...bring the arcade home!

Maybe I was being naive or what have you. But, I serioulsy thought when I first saw this machine that it would be around 500 to the most at least 1000 bills for it. Once I saw the price theres no way I would buy this, and I cant think of anyone…no matter how much they love SF that would buy it for this much cheddar. Would you?

Better off going to Target and buyong one of those cheap cabinets and their lil moniters, or just build your own. :stuck_out_tongue:

It might of been worth its price if it included all Street Fighter 3’s though.

still a sick cab though. i’d like to own one but not for 4 G.

They’re being sold primarily to arcades, not home users, so it’s kind of irrelevant. Aren’t they just pretty MAME cabs anyway?

Waaay too much money for that. If it were under 1K it would be ok. Better off buying an original used dynamo cab and restoring it.


also building one and basing it off of a DC and modded Xbox is SOOOOO much cheaper

That shit sucks anyway. IT’s NOT arcade perfect, contrary to poular belief. The sticks and buttons act gay when they want to, and VC combos come out about 70% of the time.

4 grand for emulated Street Fighter games in a 500 dollar cabinet?

No thanks.

Not worth it.

my local arcade has this. sweet, but as everyone else said it’s not worth that much.

Pretty much to the point that they tried to copywrite the term Mame, and had ended many ebay sales that advertised mame arcade cabinets. But thankfully they didn’t get the copywrite as it’s owned by mame anyway. But thats besides the point.

They’re a bunch of greedy fuckers and will never get my business (not like I could afford it anyway, but if I could…).

If I had 4 grand I’d buy it.

But for $4000 it should have every street fighter game ever made including the crossbrand games.

I was expecting 2 grand, but 4 grand? No! Not even for 2 grand. Why buy a cab like that when you can download them for free, or like someone else said, build your own? I wouldn’t even shit on it.

Beyond that why not pick up a cab and all the PCBs off of ebay for that price instead of ported MAME code.

Well, I played this Ultracade a lot one afternoon. It’s cool switching between Alpha 2 and then ST at the press of a button. But there is some lag, which I don’t quite understand, and the sticks and buttons are garbage. If I’d played on it, and it had been perfect, I’d say that 4G isn’t that outrageous. But since it wasn’t even that wonderful, I would pay like 500 for it.

There is something wonderful about having most of the SFs in one cabinet. But at the same time, it makes the whole franchise feel a little old and nostalgic, and suggests that there is no hope for any future sequels.