Street Fighter Unlimited - discussion of the ongoing series

Hi everybody. Now that we have a new ongoing SF comic I’ve decided to start a separate discussion for it. For the last 6 (?) years we’ve been posting in the “When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?”-thread. Now it’s time to put some life into this forum, SF-life it is :wink:

Great first issue of SFU! Congratulations Udon!

  1. So what do you think guys, who might Ryu be visiting next issue? I suppose it will be Retsu… Finally best time to re-integrate SF1 characters into the storyline. Waiting for Eagle, Geki, Joe and Lee make an appearance, too.

  2. And who is the new Dictator - Twelve? Why has he no secretary and self-loving Claw is serving him?

  3. Nice Claw picture in Zangief’s hand luggage - a wink to his SFA ending and gay rumors :wink:

  4. Very cool pictures in Haggar’s office - all FF’s!

  5. I only wished the main story would be longer - propper 24 pages, like it should be. Don’t care for the sub-story or street funnies. They should be an add-on, not helping the to fill out the book for 4 US$.

  6. That’s really great to that MattMoylan takes part in this forum. Nowdays it’s very important for the creators and fans to be able to communicate directly. It helps the hype and makes the final product better. Udon, take an example on IDW’s TMNT. On the there is a very active discussion and the result is simply the best comic on the market. Take that as an example and become one as well :slight_smile:
    Or are the creators already on an other forum, exept for this?

  7. Is there an english language forum, where you can talk to the creators of the current SFV videogame? Influence them in regard of new characters and game adjustments?

Keep up the great work! And thank you very much!

I like this. Great we have a spot to talk SF Unlimited. I’m excited for the second issue. Hope we get a preview soon.

Been thinking that maybe there’s a cool swerve and it’s Rolento wearing the Shadaloo outfit lol! Guess we’ll see. I think it’s probably F.A.N.G. though.

New covers of Street Fighter Unlimited #4 posted. (I LOVE the one with Chun-Li on the cover #soFierce)

Also, Udon is continuing The Life and Death of Charlie Nash. Interesting to see where they are gonna go with it. I know the first cook covered his life, how he died, and what seemed like how he ressurected. maybe this one will continue the adventure or maybe be a tie-in to the story mode of SFV? Either way, something to look forward to in March.

I doubt that they’re continuing it in any way; it’s more likely a re-release of the hardcover edition. 48 pages is more or less how long that one is.

Maybe you’re right. Part of me thought they could extend it because it was issue #1.

Fused Chamba’s covers together. Looking forward to the next parts. So nice to see Lee and Joe :wink:

Not sure if the top cover fits with the rest of the image. But it looks cool to see them put together. nicely done.

STreet Fighter Unlimited #2 is out!

Here here! Another great issue this week. Good length for the fight scene!

Agreed, however, the cover art is a little misleading[details=Spoiler]. Instead of Guile fighting Balrog, it was Ken.[/details]

I enjoyed it for the most part. It moves the plot forward but I only wish[details=Spoiler] that there was more Chun-Li in it.
Oh well, she’ll be in next issue.[/details]

Going for the Fighting Dead cover for issue 3! I thought that was originally supposed to be an alt for issue 1? No wonder I couldn’t find it back then lol! I was fine with the ‘Street War’ cover for 1 since I’m a big Marvel fan anyway heh heh!

New Covers + Story synopsis

Edwin’s art will be headlining the series for four issues, starting with STREET FIGHTER™ UNLIMITED #5. This issue sees Ryu, desperate to control the dark forces within him, seeking out a new master - the ancient hermit Oro! Plus, in a special bonus story illustrated by Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, Oro is paid a visit by another student of the Ansatsuken martial arts – the deadly Akuma!

Update on the Ultra Jam covers. Q and Nadeshiko are hinted in the upper left corner, Necro (and Effie) + Rolento (and Sodom, Hugo, Poison = Mad Gear) are hinted in the upper right :wink:

Ingrid! Nice! And Ryu and Chun-Li, my two favorite characters fighting. WORD!

It’s looking good. Can’t wait to see more covers.

Here is Chamba’s combined Ultra Jam cover.

Q and Nadeshiko are hinted in the upper left corner.
Is it Geki’s foot in the upper middle part?
Birdie and Eagle + Rolento, Sodom and Hugo in the right blackened part. Wondering if Poison is also on that cover, maybe on Hugo’s shoulder. There are always 6 characters on each cover…

Looks so beautiful!

And now a preview of SF Unlimited #3. Now we get to see Chun-Li kick some ass, and rocking a sexy dress!

Comes out Feb 10th, just before SFV is released

So it’s Retsu, whom Ryu will visit! And who will be the “muscule” against Vega Guile mentioned in issue #2 - Abel or Alex or Tom?
Just wondering, where did I see those Gill’s hands stage already? SF4?