Street Fighter Unlimited - discussion of the ongoing series


Whoa, that looks amazing! Wonder why Alex is fighting everyone, brainwashed? Possessed?


I bought the comic. It’s interesting,


Alex apparently has the same genetic bloodline as Gill and Urien. For instance in the comic, Urien and Gill can kill 12’s with a simple touch. Alex can do this as well. Also, there’s a picture of Alex with four wings like Gill. In the comic, Gill is defeated. Everyone think’s everything is okay. Gill then takes over Alex’s body. And this is why “Alex” is fighting everyone.


Interesting! Thanks for the info! I’m a few issues behind, so I’ll definitely pick this one up!


Issue 11 was great one of the best so far!



SFU #11


Also loved the Firebrand cameo in the back up story. Nice!


I enjoyed it. [details=Spoiler]It was all the characters going up against a Gill-enfused Alex. And since their levels are just not comparable, it didn’t surprise me to see Gill/Alex not break a sweat. I loved the Good ryu/Bad Ryu bit before Ryu breaks free. That is great development for Ryu and the SnH arc. And of course, all deus ex machina, he comes through to save the day (just like SFV story mode).[/details]

Enjoyable issue.


Ryu I’d my favourite character so u hope I’m wrong but I think Udon will use this as the completion of ryus story arc and concentrate on Alex going forward. Which would be cool to and give some of the others some limelight. I still want to see a tournament played out fully and a champion crowned. I guess in a way ryu beat the host so is the champ


Glad you guys are liking SF Unlimited. Looks like the cameo in the bonus story got picked out right away :wink:

Hope you’re looking forward to the fight between XXX and XXX next issue… it lasts for 16 pages :wink:

Don’t forget Cammy #4 is also out today :wink:


Cammy #4 was just as good. huge event at towards the end. Makes me wish it was released on a Tuesday


Got issue 11. I enjoyed it but I did expect what happened.


Ryu finding a balance between Mu No Hadou and Satsui No Hadou I did expect. Ever since SFIV dropped and Ryu had Metsu Hadouken as his Ultra. I figured someone would make Ryu achieve a perfect balance between both. Didn’t expect Ryu to get such a power boost though. Places Ryu as the Top 5 strongest characters in the SF universe Udon does. Really looking towards Shin Ryu vs Oni.


Wouldn’t be surprised if capcom used shin ryu going forward like they’ve taken other bits from different media in the past. I was surprised to see ryu so powerful,thought Gill would still of gave him a fight. Looks like ryu will stomp Oni. Leaving maybe only Shin akuma,oro with both arm’s and final bison to be a challenge. Could possibly argue gill was held back by Alex fighting for control of his body or that he was warn down from fighting every one else. But he didn’t seem affected by fighting every one at once.


I would expect a modified Shin Ryu. I wouldn’t expect him on the level he’s portrayed here. Especially since Akuma can transform into Oni at will and is rightfully seen as being more powerful. If Shin Ryu were to be how he’s in the comic, he’ll be like Akuma with a glass jaw. I mean one handed Hadouken’s ground and air? Teleportation and Shun Goku Satsu? I also wouldn’t expect Capcom to have the balls to do it. In SFV, there was a much more radical look for Ryu originally. With SNH embers all over his body and a marked arm. Dude had wild longer hair and wore his gi top around his waist. Capcom punked out and when with classic Ryu.


Wonder if when unlimited starts back up after the darkstalkers crossover we will get to see Alex will the street fighter championship and then challenge ryu like in the 3rd strike ending.


Just realized something. Shin Ryu is backed into a corner. This is the same thing that happens with World Breaker Hulk, Franklin Richards, etc. What I mean is that, with the above examples, characters that powerful tend to be written into a corner and can only be defeated in a really bullshit way.

If Shin Ryu can take down Gill by himself whereas 30 fighters together failed, who can really challenge him? Aside from Oni, there really can’t be anyone else. Meaning unless Ryu gets powered down somehow, he’ll become a rather boring character. Let’s say Bison returns and wrecks everyone. Once Ryu shows up, it’s GGPO. Ryu eliminates tension and conflict.


I agree that the whole power level thing is feeling a bit Dragon Ball. Initially, I like the idea that Akuma and Bison have tapped into dark powers that give them abilities seemingly above others. Same with Gill. But there’s an underlying idea that Ryu’s commitment to his training and simply “being the better” allows him through skill and talent to overcome these odds.

Now, it’s just like any story where one’s shear power level is all that really matters, unless facing an utterly equal power level, at which point it’s back to skill.

AKuma being able to go Oni at will feels like we’re writing ourselves into a corner where anything less than Oni vs “balanced” Ryu will be boring by comparison.

We’ll see though.


I agree about Oni but there is a difference. Akuma is not central to the plot. Not only that, he’s not going around saving the world by defeated whatever villain. That’s what Ryu does. It’s like how Civil War(comic and movie) didn’t have Thor and Hulk in it. Such powerhouses that whatever side they were on would win. They got removed to make it fair. Shin Ryu is ridiculously powerful. Besting Gill by himself and with ease? Good luck Bison.


I’d like to see a story arch leaving out the god tier characters for a while. Something like codi entering a tournament that pits him against fighters like balrog,fei long that kind of power level. Having to save some kids of something forcing him to be the hero again at least for a short time. Leave the dragonball z power level guys for the next big story


The last issue of the bonus story in issue 12 has me hyped for next year!!!


Guys, in the Free Comic Book Day issue is a panel with male fighters beeing massaged, one is in a hot tub and one is behind a chaving dish. Are these guys from Final Fight 2? They look somehow familiar…


I haven’t gotten the Street Fighter Free Comic Book Day issue for 3 years now. My LCS in New York City just doesn’t get them on Free Comic Book Day for whatever reason.