Street Fighter V announced / teased! Exclusively on PS4/PC


Yeah, if Bison dies then Rose will too, but Bison won’t die permanently.

I remember seeing Balrog’s ending, but who the heck was that boy anyway?

A dream match game would be cool. Likely unbalanced, yeah, but still cool.


Little Mac


What if they recicle Omega Mode, add some new character, put it in the new Engine and sell it as SFV?

Low cost, huge income.

I’d be happy. Command Deejay = Top Tier.


Boy doesn’t speak
q barely speaks

Boy confirmed Q


Agree that graphics feel way too close to SF4. Still trying to imitate Bengus with those gigantic hands and feet… I guess I’m going to be grateful again if they don’t do bikini costumes for the females.

I want the game to feature both parries and guard crush. Hope they are over their attitude about “not wanting the game to feel like chess”.


From neogaf (

Street Fighter V News and Media Thread NO DISCUSSION INSIDE

Game looks good glad I got a PS4.


Anything’s better than SF4’s jarhead Ryu. Maybe they’ll get less of a hack than Kyle Hebert to voice him this time too.


Kind of a shame because Kyle is a cool ass dude. I don’t think he fits Ryu, he’d have been a good E. Honda which IIRC he said was who he originally auditioned for.

His Ryu is a bit better in Marvel though it’s still pretty hammy.


Hopefully at least one of these chars return


For some reason, I feel the urge to main Alex if he makes it in. Same with Necro and Karin, although I actually used them in their respective games.


Looks they brought back Tensei Ranka for Chun. I was not sure it was the Ranka, but now that i looked at the original sprite, yeah, that’s it.

fanboy dreams ON

Custom Combos + Parries, please

franboy dreams OFF


You can just get the hell out sir.


Q hands don’t glow. Though, i’d bet he’s some sort of Illuminati Experiment gone wrong, a la Twelve or Necro, but with is old personality.


I want parries, a soundtrack by Okugawa, the return of Hugo and a new big female grappler. Not one of those stupid gimmicky rushdown types like Fuerte or R. Mika either, I mean a legitimate GRAPPLER.


I could see him fitting Honda better.

Chun and Viper’s SF4 English VA’s did a much better job in Marvel, can’t say I agree on Ryu and Akuma is just as bad.


I want faster walk speeds, no invul on backdashes, bigger hitboxes on normals that aren’t jab/short, no plinking, no Ultras, parries, fast fireballs that do tons of damage and meter build on whiffed pokes.


Chun Li’s proportions are all wayyyyy the fuck off.

Each thigh is as big as her waist and she is around 9 heads tall.



I’d like more damage on normals in general. Especially AAs.


My dad works at SIN and my mom works at Shadaloo, and this is what I can confirm:

  • Swayed by Triforce’s magnetic personality and the promise of limitless ravioli, Ryu joins Empire Arcadia
  • Q’s ending reveals that he really is the dude on Ken’s SFII stage
  • PSY is doing the intro theme
  • Boxer finally gets his bike money
  • Cody’s new BGM is “Hot Nigga”
  • Ken and Eliza get divorced after months of arguing of the brand new exclusive system mechanic - Delayed Break Up
  • SFV introduces it’s first South African character to the franchise - a blonde haired, blue-eyed Zulu princess named Guni Gugu
  • Dee Jay’s taunt 5 has been buffed. Please look forward to it.