Street Fighter V: Beta Version unofficial Feedback & report thread

This thread will focus any bugs or Glitches you may find in the beta version of the game. Also any feedback on what the development team can do to improve on when the final version is released. Also it would be helpful if Capcom can do a questionnaire similar to Square-Enix has done for Final Fantasy XV demo. I called it unofficial because this thread is not made by the developers or the moderators of Capcom. You can post any updates or news related to the beta.

P.S. This is for all versions (PS4 & PC) of the game so post with the platform you are playing on with a detailed description, video, & pic describing the issue (No matter how small or minor it’s OK!). This also includes any special event showcasing the beta like EVO or Six Flags for example.

For PC players:

List your system specs (OS, GPU model, CPU model, RAM, etc)
And your graphics settings (assuming that SFV will have them)

Thank you and lets make the best fighting game possible.

Made a similar one for the Capcom forum

Looks like they made an official feedback thread but that one will be opened when the PS4 version of the demo goes live

Latest update of the new beta.


I think is too soon to make e a thread like this.

It’s not even a week before the Beta for PS4 will be released

No because it also includes any special event showcasing the game for example EVO will have the beta which will be at the 17 of July.

I think I saw Ryu’s tatsu whiff on a standing opponent, if that counts…

Chun li’s jiggle physic. It need to hit the player one side character is n the face when we pick her

Thread, not tread.

I hope someone was able to check if that noodles staying on the head for the rest of the match thing is still in. I always thought that was a bug as I don’t think anyone would like to play with it on their heads for an entire match.



Anybody know how/when PSN pre-orders can pre-load beta client?

Supposedly you find the client in the store by searching, however as of this moment it doesn’t appear to be there yet.

For those that pre-ordered with Amazon. Emails with beta keys are being sent out today.

for the love of god send me my code already Amazon! :frowning:

nothing and when I contacted them the guy was clueless, Ive sent their customer service a ton of e-mails.

You just have to wait a bit more it could be going by what area you’re in.

Amazon emailed me my code and I redeemed it, but outside of being able to download it early it’s not like there’s much good to it lol

Got my beta code from Amazon, downloading now.

I entered on the website but probably won’t get a code. sniff…

That sucks, i got mines today. Keep trying!