Street Fighter V: Beta Version unofficial Feedback & report thread

I can actually confirm that the D-Pad does not hurt your thumbs. If you take a look at it you can see they’re concaved, unlike the 360 pad

I played a month of Xrd on pad without any soreness.

Hey has anyone know when SFV beta actually starts? I got my beta code Tuesday from Gamestop, redeemed it Wednesday morning and installed it. As of now Thursday 12:10pm PST and beta access informs me either Disconnected from game server. (10003) or Unable to connect to Update Server.(22001) According to the information, 18.00 PT supposed to start.

6:00 p.m. pacific time which is 18:00 PST.

Beta starts 6pm west coast. 9pm east coast

Can anyone recommend a fight stick for PS4? I’ve never owned a fight stick before and it’s been ages since i’ve stepped foot in an arcade but am really considering buying one for when SFV comes out.

What’s the learning curve like when switching from controller to a stick? I’ve put ~300+ hours into SFIV and all the versions with the controller.

I was in a similar boat as you, what part of the world are you located in? There is a thread here in this forum that talks about all the PS4 sticks compatible. I went with the Venom for the ability to swap parts and custom art but there are a few options out there that can get you a stick under 200 USD. good luck.

here is the thread:Arcade stick options for upcoming PS4 beta?

I could head over to Gamestop to get the leftover code printed on the receipt since they are no longer sending them via Email and give to you. But i’m feeling lazy and i have a headache.


Yes, i’m a jerk for telling you this :frowning:

I’m on the east coast in U.S. I’ll have to check that out and look at the thread. First time on these forums, so haven’t dove too deep just yet. I may be a bit leery of switching out parts and custom art, unless it’s fairly straight forward.

Can’t wait until 9PM tonight!

Supposedly if you preorder via psn you get into the beta without a code. According to this.

It actually looks like some kind of sub-surface glitter. The kind of shit you see on bowling balls XD

So the Kai is virtually identical to the vrap 5 except for the logo to the left of the stick, hmmm

What region are you in Omar? I’m in a giving mood.

Hahaha! I’m in Europe, tho :smiley: And I’m too lazy to make an American account, so the code wouldn’t have worked…


But yeah, you’re a jerk :smiley:

Edit: You’re not a jerk - you’re a real fucking bro! But I’m in Europe :confused:

PSN preorder is full price though.

Too much thirst in the thread.

About 3-6 months solid of getting bodied, but don’t give up and you’ll never go back :slight_smile:

With things like plinking going to hell, the transition should be even quicker :smiley:

And the shortcuts are just as easy on stick as they are on pad. With the execution barrier out of the way I think you should be fine. My initial transition really only took like a month of solid play(opinionhaver, I think 6 is really stretching it).

Just make a new account if be was nice enough to go out of his way and give you a beta code. I’m sure someone else would have liked it, so the least you can do is take a few minutes for something that will end up benefiting you. Of course this is only if he actually did give you the code.

Guys anybody know how to make PS3 arcade stick work in PS4, I am downloading the beta and I want to use my PS3 arcade stick to play the game so I will really appreciate it if anyone could help me. Thanks

Not sure if this link has been shared but it breaks down what to expect during the beta later today.

I wont have a stick in time for the beta, fuuu

Whens the second phase?