Street fighter V Buttons all day

Im having a really hard time adjusting to Street Fighter 5. Im not a new to fighting games by all means, i did play street fighter 4 since it released pretty much. But with this game i just cant fight people who press random buttons constantly, i just dont know how to deal with that. I have tried multiple ways to counter it, by V-reversaling, by tryng to beat them with my own normals, but all in vain. I either get beat by their normals, it will either trade or i will crush counterd. I have put over 200 hours into the game allready lol. I just need some solid advice, like real advice cuz i really dont seem to be able to figure this out on my own.

So; if you started playing fighting games and/or Street Fighter when SF4 dropped, you are pretty much new to fighting games. Especially since SF4 was geared completely for new players.

You’re losing to neutral game and footsies is what it sounds like. Without knowing which character you’re using (you should post this in their specific forum BTW) we can’t really give you advice. 90% of the time the issue is lack of patience I’ve found in this game. If you’re getting caught with “randoms” just keep blocking until they get pushed away from you.

Knowledge is power.

what character are you using? you have to learn when to block and when to counter. Jab is your best friend sometimes to stop the rush down. I believe you have to know what your enemy can do too to know when you have to do your move

Sometines you just have to block and stop pressing buttons. In this game, that’s just gonna get you fram trapped.

I didnt really have a specific character untill Alex dropped so i started maining him now and i know some of you might think that, its only day 2 on that character, but i to be honest i have had this issue since the game dropped. I dont have any issues with combos. I dont have issues with patience any more. I did have it when i started it. I cant seem to punish anything tbh. I can do my punishes just fine when i do them against the training dummy in training mode, but once i start doing the punishes online on moves that i know i can punish, because i have been training those punishes, my opponent throws out his normal wich beats mine, most of the time it feels like they are using turbo buttons or something even though they dont, cuz i check my replays every now & then. And when i start to block i just sit there unable to do nothing, because if use anything else beside my V-reversal i will get opend up. I know the spaceing on my buttons as well, but once they stop pressing buttons they start going for a jump in, wich is fine, thats why i learned how to AA. But they jump and the most stupid of times, the very moment i throw out my limbs, they jump and while they are gliding up there in the sky-ies and slowly reach me, i realize how fucked i am. Cuz once i try to AA them, i will get hit so all i can do is block and take the pressure untill i crack. This game just makes me feel like garbage more often then not. Even when i win i allways feel like i had to struggle way more then i should have. Sry this became too much of a rant by the end of it.

Edit : chopperbyrne i have V-frames on my phone.

If you lost, it’s because you didn’t press enough buttons.
Sf4’s a preetty tough game though 5 is easier imo.

Yeah. Patience and footsies pretty much is the key to this game I think.

In trying to make a more casual, simplified game, capcom created something kind of the opposite. You could get pretty far without knowing frame data in 4 because most characters had good interrupt moves that let you get out of less than airtight block strings.

This game is so so so dependant on frame data, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not getting a guide and reading up on it. Without it, you might be ok with just trying to jab in certain places, seeing what happens, and committing it to memory. Secondly, try blocking until your opponent gets out of a range that you think they can throw something out safely and seeing what they do.