Street Fighter V casuals at Freedom In Motion Parkour Gym in Murrieta

Hello FGC! I will be hosting Street Fighter V casuals at the Freedom In Motion Parkour Gym in Murrieta. It can be located at 26151 Jefferson Avenue and casuals will start around 6:30 pm every other Wednesday starting on 3/9/16. As we are just starting out, we currently only have one setup, one arcade stick (Hori RAP 4 Kai) , and one dualshock 4 controller so any extra setups or controllers brought would be greatly appreciated! We would like to eventually turn this into a weekly tournament, however, we would like to first see if something like this would be supported by the local community. As of now this is meant mostly to be just a place where people can come to learn and have fun and train for major events. There are also smash 4, melee, and project m tournaments at the same venue so feel free to participate in those events as well! We hope that you will all be able to come out here and train with us!