Street Fighter V CFN ID Broken?


What on earth is going on?
I won 16 matches in a row without losing until I got beaten by this player;

Now all of a sudden my CFN ID shows incorrect details;

Anybody else having issues with the CFN ID?

Just to point out I ain’t a rage quitter. Never have I quit once!
I play whether I win or lose


It gets lost sometimes. Just wait or play another match, your info will come back.


Still not working. If I play ranked match online it shows my level on the bottom of my player. However on the actual CFN ID it won’t display nothing. This game LOL


I had it happen where after a match i was playing under my opponents ID instead of my own


It is happening to me under all of my accounts, exactly what you are describing/


Yeah, I’m getting the same issue.


Last Played: Jun 7, 1906
Seems legit.


It’s ridiculous this game. Broken and unfinished. You tweet to Capcom, Capcom Fighters, Ono, SFV…nobody will even reply or even acknowledge they looking into it. My review of this game will be going live soon and so far I can say it will be hitting a 3/10 !


I am having exactly the same issue. LP shows correctly on ranked load screen only. The worst thing is that you do not get the titles from ranking up with this bug active.

Capcom has been ignoring everyone on this subject so far.


Is there a way to fix this annoying issue without having to wait for Capcom to fix it, which takes forever?


It may take 7 hours actually.