Street Fighter V Discord for Beginners/Intermediate Players


I apologize in advance if I’m not allowed to post this…

We’ve started up a Discord server focusing on helping people from beginners to advance level up. There’s about 130 people in there all around Bronze>Gold and a couple people that went to EVO. This is a stress free place to learn, level up, and just play casual. Were always looking for new people willing to help out others, and we reward them!! Check us out if you’re interested

Is this a good tatic to use in a match

over 200 people and growing everyday

come join us!




sweet! Feel free to ask for help in the channel, or for sets. Everyone in there is pretty active and very helpful

we are at approximately 500 members and still growing!


How do i join? If i do it through the browser it gives me a code to enter. Cant figure ou where to put the code in the app


im guessing you made it in there, cause i see your user id. sorry i didnt see this earlier. glad you made it in though!

we are holding 2 separate tournaments Bronze/Silver only for NA/EU tournament this weekend. For more details, come check us out.

Invite to the discord is in the OP

See you all there!


We’ve started weekly EU and NA tournaments for lower level players on stream. Come check out the Discord!