Street Fighter V Discussion: Conjecture, Predictions, Wishes for this Inevitable Game


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Okay, so we all know this is going to happen. Seth Rogian has said it’s going to happen, and he’s counting on it happening before 2019. It’s just a matter of time, while Capcom sells us all second-rate carbon-copy Capcom fighters throughout the intervening years, before this happens; and I’m hoping it’s gonna be good. crosses fingers [S]and then sticks them up your sister’s va-jay-jay[/S] Dammit, Daniel, we said this wasn’t gonna be this kind of thread! >:(

All I can say is that I hope the development team - better yet, I hope it’s going to be a different development team - learns from the issues facing SF4, regard’s feedback from that game, and takes more of a page from SF3. I’m hoping this game will be more similar to SF3 than the previous installment’s similarities to SF2 and the Alpha games (even though I loved those games as much as the next guy). SF4 just feels clunky compared to the quick, fluid animations of the Alpha and III games, and the game seems broken at times considering what moves have priority over what others.

The biggest complaint I have about SF4 is the INSANELY strict window of timing which makes successfully pulling off long combos in competitive play like pulling teeth if you’re not Japanese. Whoever made the trial mode in Super Street Fighter IV needs to be put in front of a ball-kicking train by every player in America.

On a side note: I wish they would have called SF4 something other than SF4, because I don’t see it as truly being the next logical step from SF3. It’s more of a SF2.5 as this guy coined it or at least a ‘Street Fighter Alpha 4.’ Any stupid name besides an actual numbered main installment. Street Fighter Beta :confused:

I also want SF5 to feature a mostly original cast like SF3, and set before, or after, the events of SF3 in the story. That way I can hopefully get people from Alpha and IV as well as cast members from III; because I really would like to see Adon continue to live, and give the proper respect he’s been deserving since I met him in SFA2. Also, I really think Juri is an awesome original character who should stick around in the series as well. Same for Hakan, and Gouken. Hakan is a helluva lotta fun to play, but I really don’t see him going on, and will probably stay in SSF4. I don’t mind, though, if that happens. Actually, I don’t mind at all if I get none of these people, and the whole cast is original like it was going to be in SF3 - just something to be new! Unfortunately, I am really in doubt of Capcom’s creative abilities with such a few number of original characters appearing in the IV series, and the rest being characters from the games before; and especially with this strange new symbiotic relationship between Capcom and its fanboys. But if I don’t see King Cobra in SF5, then I call for another bomb to be dropped on Japan. They don’t have souls anyway.

There’s other things I thought being nice to see in SF5 before, but none of them are coming to mind now. I’ll post them later. I’d be interested to hear what SRK wants from SF5, because for all of your flaws, you guys at least are not fanboys; and that’s a good thing, because the fanboys have such unrealistic and stupid expectations. Just look at Capcom-Unity. Good god. But I would like to see a bearded Ryu in SF5 :smiley:

Oh, who I am kidding? I’m not going to live to see this game. >_<


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