Street Fighter V Lounge "We on South Central crack addict status"

Lots of photos here

The video is there too

Yeah, I remember being hype for Street Fighter 4 when they teased the video of Ken fighting Ryu, look how that turned out.

Fool me once, Capcom.

We’re still going for the Ink look? Come on man. No GGXrd faux-sprite art? Come on man. Still the gorilla art style? Come on man.

This looks more like SF4: Remastered Edition.


Yeah it looks a lot like SF4-2 basically a darker more serious take on the same art style.

wtf, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. I feel like this is an insult to the fans. 7 years since sf4 came out, and now they bring out the start of another 7 years with the same fucking art style

What can we tell from the pics?

  • Stage is probably Yun/Yang’s stage - twins are in
  • There’s a tiger on the taxi - Sagat is in
  • Taxi begins with a “T” - T.Hawk is in
  • Hawk is a bird - Birdie is in

Did I miss anything?

The Hadoken particles look like a Killer Instinct tier eyesore, everything else is at least an improvement on SF4, visual wise.

Half Life 3 confirmed.

As long as it dosen’t play like SF4 i will be looking forward to this game.

The art style doesn’t bother me…

So I posted my thoughts on twitter and then came here to see the exact same responses. Well played.

-I’m just glad the models don’t look retarded anymore. Ryu actually looks respectable again (unlike in SF4 with dem puckered shinku-hadouken lips), Chun-Li looks pretty fine etc.

-I dig the stage design so far.

-I don’t dig the hit effects though. Like with Marvel 3 and KI; I find exaggerated sfx obnoxious and patronizing.

They need to bring back the vomit hit effects from SF2. While they’re at it, bring back some of the composers from SF2/A2.

When the fuck is Ryu going to learn to use a laundromat?

ps. New system mechanic?

When he stops being homeless.

I really hope this is a early version of the game.

Pretty sure it is. Early Sf4 models of Ryu and Chun were ugly as fuck when they were announced. They still kind of are but they look far better. I like the art direction. I also think they have to go in this direction if they want to attract as much people as possible.

Anyways, as long as it plays different from SF4, it will probably be a lot better.

Also this better take place after SF3.