Street Fighter V Lounge "We on South Central crack addict status"

None of the SF3 series is on there either. It’s worth noting they might not be calculating ALL sales of the series properly, I mean they probably don’t include arcade cabinet sales and they don’t have dreamcast listed on any of those.

Doesn’t A3 have more re-releases on different consoles? That might have something to do with it.

Yeah but maybe it got those re-releases because it was already the best selling Alpha game.

Disgusting character begets toxic conversation. Who knew?

That is racist.



d3v, can you delete this thread altogether? I’m sure most people will agree:

I’ll do so when she’s announced. Right now it’s a reminder for people about what not to do (and how some folks fucked up).

It’s not a huge deal in comparison to his other changes which are way more significant. I just think that his s.RH is already a really strong tool and now he’s getting rewarded for a normal that’s low risk for him to the point where he can actually just fish with it. It goes against the initial design decisions of making crush counter high risk/high reward normals. Also, keep in mind that a successful CC gives you half a V-Gauge stock so this is pretty significant when combined with his scissor kick change. Other characters have higher risk CC normals so the decision for Bison to have an already strong tool become his CC seems odd, imo. The game can undergo further changes to either make this consistent with the rest of the cast or just flat out remove it.

I think Bison being able to cancel the second hit of his Scissor Kick into Super or V-Trigger is really strong. He could cancel into super off of the first hit of scissors which made the spacing a bit tighter but the second hit makes the super more consistent and allows for easier hit confirms into it. The V-Trigger cancel allows him to do Combo starter xx LK/MK Scissors (2) xx V-Trig xx cr.Strong xx LK Scissors xx EX Blast xx EX Inferno and then link another EX Inferno if you want to blow the third meter. People mentioned that the new build toned down the damage on his V-Trigger EX cancels so not sure what the damage output is like from a triple cancel now. Essentially, Bison is able to convert his BnB into a V-Trigger combo.

man, stupid mofos just HAD to keep talking about the race shit as if its really even an issue. Look at Rashid, you have really white european looking arabs and some arabs black as night. Same thing with mexicans and Necalli. Cant niggas just shut the fuck up about Laura’s “race”?


Can’t really talk shit about Rashid when the design was created with input and approval from their Middle Eastern distributor.

Why didn’t they get my input before designing white characters? This is bullshit.

What the hell happened in the Laura thread?

The character isn’t fucking revealed yet and you guys managed to get it locked

Because they didn’t want another Twelve

let’s get back to how this game is utter shite.


And now you bring it to this thread? Mind you the reason it was locked is because people had to get the last word, those who started that discussion stopped long before the warning was even issued. Now everyone feels the need to tell the rest of us how much that conversation “annoyed” them. Nobody cared then and no one cares now, shut up.

I just wanted to point my view on the whole picture of what happened in that thread (in which i was not involved and just a mere spectator), I’m not looking for discussion, or unnecessary agression for that matter; i’ll edit the post if the simple mention of it can be offensive (since that’s the hot stuff nowadays).

That’s why the thread was locked though… To the people involved the discussion was over… Those who weren’t then decided to comment after the warning was issued. Hence the lock

Back on topic

Lol. I’m feining for another fix. Maybe the thirst is making me overlook so flaws, I like the direction so far.

Looking at that link and seeing the 2 SNES titles in the top 10 made me think about how awesome the music and announcer were back in SF2 and how crappy both of that was in SF4. Damn I really hope they change some of the sounds in SF5 before launch. The announcer sucks and I’m not a fan of the whole “gem” sound with everything. Even the sound when the “Round” text comes on/off screen, that sounds like electricity or something, I don’t like.

It definitely seemed like the initial purpose of crush counters was a high risk/high reward move that you wouldn’t be throwing out and just hoping it counters. It was a hard read. Nash’s was even unsafe on hit if it didn’t counter hit.

Giving bison a crush counter in a move hes going to be safely using constantly kind of goes against that. If it’s true that Nash has standing fierce CC too though, it might be a more universal change. So if he’s going fiercexboom all day and it happens to counter hit that’s just bonus damage for no risk.