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I got Birdie/Ryu’s Vtrigger data on there now. I recorded Bison/Chun’s vtrigger data previously and will go through those probably tomorrow.

Ryu’s Vtrigger gives him 30% extra stun on all punches(standing,crouching,jumping), extra damage/stun on FB/DP, and his super does extra damage and 300 stun.

Birdie’s Vtrigger gives him 20% extra damage on every attack, faster walk speed, his heabutts are faster startup and safer on block(except HP), and bullhorn is safer on block. It also give him more hits on his headbutts, bullhorns, and they also get 1 hit of armor.

This. Looks more like someone just drew their original character in the SF4 style to me.

I honesty don’t want the Final Fight characters to come back. They aren’t that great (specially Guy) and they’re becoming a burden just like Sakura and Dan.

I’d rather like Capcom to give a chance to OTHER Final Fight characters, like Haggar, Maki, Lucia, etcetera. And seeing the current roster philosophy, I think there’s a chance.

Sakura is going to be in the game, however. Dan I don’t know, I’ve always felt like he’s a wasted slot, I’d be OK with him only if he’s given as an “extra character”, for example if Sean and Dan are released together, otherwise that would be like a 4 months gap between characters, LOL.

As for Rose and Gen, they are… OK. I just feel they aren’t that popular or important and I wouldn’t like them to return in the game when they could give a chance to other characters that haven’t received enough like, mainly from Street Fighter III or Street Fighter I.
In fact, Rose and Gen were added to Vanilla SFIV’s home release mostly to promote the movie “Legend of Chun-Li”.

Is anyone else weirded out by how irregular the hitstun/blockstun/hitstop is on moves? in a lot of SF games, nearly every medium/heavy/whatever has the same hitstun and blockstun so you always have a feel for when you get to do stuff both as defender and attacker. if you learn combo timings for one character, you kind of learn the rhythm for the entire game.

Not in this game. Hitstop (the time the game pauses when you get a hit) isn’t even regular. Ken’s light/medium/heavy normals freeze for 8, 10, and 12 frames respectively, while literally everyone else’s freeze for 8, 12, and 15. It’s like every normal has a different timing. I think the only reason people don’t notice is because of the 2 frame buffer, so you technically CAN do a lot of attacks with the same timing, because the game will correct the differences for you.

And that’s not even bringing up the fact that a very few normals have different hitstop on hit and block, which is crazy MKX type bullshit. Stuff like that makes me think this game is deeper in development than people realize.

It really doesn’t feel good, as anyone that’s blocked SF4 Elena’s slide and not had their punish come out will know.

Hugo is amazing. He will clap you to oblivion. Also Alpha characters > Sf2 characters.

Odd… in the movie opening file (.hca audio) … it uses audio where Daigo gets beaten by 801 Strider.

Also how nice… the INFO .hca audio talks about neat things:

[]Majors as an announcer form. EX: “Final Round - USA” “NorCal Regionals - USA” “Stunfest - France” “Evolution - USA” “KO Fighting Game Festival - Kuwait”
]Discussion about your opponent using main character, along with if a player (friend?) participating at a tournament.
[]Last year mentioned is 2030. It can probably stretch… but I’m guessing this is as far as they’ll go with SFV as a placeholder.
]Ranking order: Rookie → Bronze → Super Bronze → Ultra Bronze → Silver → Super Silver → Ultra Silver → Gold → Super Gold → Ultra Gold → Platinum → Super Platinum → Ultra Platinum → Diamond → Super Diamond → Ultra Diamond → Master → Grandmaster → Ultimate Grandmaster → Warlord → Hero.
[*] OH WOW… It said character names! Here’s order: Fan (…so… Zen is probably supposed to be Fan) → Alex → Guile → Ibuki → Bison (Likely Boxer) → Juri → Urien

Will edit list with other info.

BTW, I find it hilarious how folks on twitter were gushing about Canada Cup finals, and how they wish SF5 weren’t coming out so soon, and how they wish SF4 had more time to shine.

When SF4 came out, all sorts of smart people had intelligent, well written reasons why the game was flawed, had no depth, and had no long term future. Over time, SF4 became “Sleep Fighter 4”. No hype. Slow walk speeds. Etc.

Now, we’re at this point:

It’s almost as if history were repeating itself…

I’m going to let you figure out the crucial difference between Tekken 3’s console training mode which appeared 12 months AFTER the game was officially released to the public…

…vs SF5’s training mode which came out 9 months BEFORE the game is even finished.

Good luck!

Except in this case they were right.

Info announcer in SFV that mention tournament names, rankings, and characters.

Is it just me or do the characters look less detailed now compared to when the game was first announced? I remember when Ryu was first revealed. The definition and fine details of his model really impressed me. Is my eye playing ticks on me or is Ryu less defined now? Nash was more defined when he first got revealed.

Is Capcom fooling us by showing us awesome visual details and then sneaking in lower quality character models?
Now that we all can’t wait to play the game, they dumb down the visuals without telling us.
And I think they removed that animation where Ryu guard breaks Chun Li and sends her spinning?

That entry for South East Asia Major is gonna be wrong every 4 years out of 5, since the location moves in between countries and only hits Thailand once every 4 or 5 years.

Is this from GAF or Reddit? Or did you datamine these yourself?

The spinning animation happens during crush counter.

A lot of new SF4 players and OGs STILL think SF4 is slow, they’ve come to accept that is what the game is and enjoy what the game is. Go look at the USF4 change request forums on Capcom Unity, you’ll find nearly every character section had requests for faster walk speeds and universal changes often wanted shorter knockdowns.

In fairness, J has always said that he liked IV, especially compared to 3S.

● V-reversals need to be able to K.O. – they’re useless otherwise, as they cannot be combo’d off of and most have far better use for the V-meter than an attack that does regenerate-able chip damage
● More super attacks / Critical Arts per character – one, non-interactive, cut-scene super isn’t enough in 2015… at very least, allow CA’s to have differing levels of power (1, 2, 3), like Alpha.
● Remove damage scaling on non-combo’d attacks, irrespective of remaining health – are Capcom trying for ‘Plateau Fighter V: Close Matches Even When They’re Not Edition’ or a competitive fighting game?
● Allow Karin’s ‘Orochi’ to snuff projectile specials (and the EX version to reflect them) – the move is currently not that useful, but it looks as though it should do something useful.
● Change the wrestler’s ground command grabs to 360° motions – are they allowing for Wii-mote control compatibility?
● Change Dictator and Shin Guile back to charge characters – homogenising everything makes for Rising Thunder / Alzheimer’s disease.

But that animation is different now? I remember when I saw the first gameplay footage. Chun was spinning like crazy in that animation. Thought it looked really cool. I can’t be the only one who thinks the detail of the models has changed and is closer to SF4 now.

This would require removing EXs, as those replaced non-level 3 supers starting with the SFIII series.

The tournament name soundbytes are interesting. Makes me wonder if they will be played as part of perhaps using the game client to watch live performances ala DOTA2.

Neither GAF or Reddit. Just happened to spot and got a hold of audio content to examine .hca audio files.