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All I’ve seen so far is A LOT of talk regarding the fairly negative stuff nerf wise. Some fairly significant nerfs are in there.

Any good buffs? @“The Lone Dragon” ? You seem to be the one who concentrates on finding/sharing buffs from what you’ve said. You find any good ones in the latest build? There has to be some.

Last beta I looked at the changes that we had data for, and at least when it comes to Nash he went pretty horizontally. While almost everyone I felt got nerfed significantly more than buffed it did seem like Nash went more on a horizontal plane with buffs vs nerfs, and while several of his nerfs were to consistently useful stuff he got some buffs to normals that will also be consistently useful unlike some chars changes where the buffs were to more situational stuff. His crMP especially got a big buff.

So, are they going more horizontal with buffs to stuff that may end up consistently useful while nerfing other consistently useful things, or are they mostly nerfing? Any buffs found would be cool to know.

The problem is going to be the usual suspect in terms of the balance: Who has the best low forward and whiff punish? Since supers come easy in actually landing them, this is going to make up a big chunk of the meta. There aren’t a whole lot of characters who use EX simply because it’s more practical when the CAs land just as practical for significantly more damage.

Sure there is and will continue to be this diversity of using EXs, say using R Mika or Gief as examples where if they get a combo opportunity to use for EX rather than set up a super throw, but upon doing that, their threat as a grappler automatically diminishes. They can still find a way to kill you, but it’ll require either more risk, or more actually putting in the work. Even if they’re given a good punish opportunity they’ll have to go for the 2nd rate option which might not convince the other player to play more conservatively or cautious.

R Mika vs Ryu, R Mika will always have to go in unless she somehow manages a time over and works for that. Her V Skill is a very mild luxury against zoning and she can’t just net the damage boost from using it.

So, a lot of characters will struggle against the best low forwards and whiff punishes despite everybody being speculated to be strong. Zangief is going to have to be played like a mountain of iron to ever consider having a future.

Standing normals should generally be the best pokes, not crouching. If there’s something I don’t like about Street Fighter in general, it’s how much time is spent holding down.

Always thought there should be a few more standing lows like Honda’s farHK in SF4.

I wouldnt be surprised if capcom was like oh these characters look good now. We’re going to restore these nerfs later down the line to make it seem like everything is balanced.

Note on the second one LPN felt the exact opposite about the hitstun saying he used to be able to do JLK - sMP without it being deep and now can’t. Obviously the views on the jLK are more anecdotal unlike something like the removal of neutral jump cannon strike or other things easily verified for sure like damage changes.

I don’t like how SF5 is shaping up either BUT you don’t see me every hour in the day saying it is bad. Drop it to like once a day or something :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always been pretty negative about this game since the first Beta, and after ths last build, the game is getting dryer by the minute.
Capcom wants to push SFV as an e-sport hard, however a game needs to have fun stuff to attract an audience, which SFV seems to have increasingly less off. I for one am not waiting to play footsies for 99 seconds.

However i’m sure Capcom will make changes as often as needed if the game ends up being too dry, which at the moment it is.

Eh, no, not quite. I can’t say I Dislike the game itself, no. Mechanically, graphically, character, content, music wise it’s all a step forward from SF4 and those elements satisfy me when it comes to SF5

What I dislike is the direction Capcom is going in it. From the very first trailer up to seeing the game played publicly to the very first beta test (yes, the one with Press Any Button screen) - my excitement for the very fact that I’m actually seeing a new entry in the Street Fighter franchise and being able to experience it first hand not only while it is in active development, but on the day it’s released as well, was HUGE

And then it was all downhill from there

Capcom nerfed this
Capcom removed that
This character can’t link
This character can’t combo
That cancel is impossible

So on and so forth

It’s just disappointing seeing how they keep tweaking the damage, the stun, the options, the combo opportunities, the linking and all other bunch of stuff ever since June and I’m slowly shifting my attitude towards the game with each new build from “FUCK YES! NEW SF! GET HYPE! LET’S GO! Ghejfbrjfh!!” to “woot, [CHARACTER NAME] is in! Hell yeah!” to “Oh, why did they nerf that? Oh wait didn’t that do more damage before?” to “Nerfed again? Aw come on, that doesn’t make any sense now…” to “STOP NERFING EVERYBODY FFS”

[quote=“d3v, post:22761, topic:172857”]

Fuck jabs.


Remember: scrubs want this to be a thing because they’re afraid of getting thrown. Crouch Jabs from other characters AA too. Jump over them? Get crouch jabbed.

General idea is that medium and heavy hit boxes need to improve and jab hit boxes need further toning down. I’m sure D3v could have eventually found the right button at the right space to stop those jabs, but it still makes no sense that he had to experiment for that long just to find a special that worked. Still prefer this over SFIV style jabs that go into full combos, but this needs work.

My Chun Li would have been b+HP’d those jabs though. That hit box beats everything that isn’t a low pretty much. It’s essentially more balanced 3S b+HP. Not as much range, but if something throws itself into it it’s going to lose.

Jabs need more startup. At least 2-3 frames more.

That’s the interesting part. There are characters like Bison and Birdie who only have 4 or 5 frame start up jabs. Which I think the whole point of it is that characters who have 3 frame jabs have a better last ditch defensive option than those with the slower 4 or 5 frame jabs. Birdie’s only 4 frame light is his s.LK.

Just need better options to stuff the jabs for those that have the 3 frame ones. Especially the 3 frame rapid fire ones which seems to be rampant among the cast.

I never tested against Birdie and Bison, that’s a nice catch. I was mainly testing: Cammy, Chun, Shoto’s, Rashid, Vega, and Mika.

Instead of nerfing characters they should buff them unless something is truly broken in the game. I also think jabs need more start up and should only be used as an in your face pressure tool isn’t that how they were in alpha?

Is there a PS4 community for Shoryuken/SF? I want to join it

Stop with the nerfing, buffs people, buffs is what we need.

This is what I think is the bare minimum of what they need to do in my mind.

  1. Make jabs counter hit during their entire recovery
  2. Buff crush counter moves so everyone has one that is 5-7 frames and with the hit/hurt box to crush a jab after doing 2 jabs on block there selves. I want to go cr.jab->cr.jab->st. FP with Ken and crush people’s dreams.
  3. Return throws to 3 frames with counter-hit startup.
  4. Add back in kara-throws or improve throw ranges so everyone has a throw mixup for at least 2 jab. If they don’t the character needs a strong overhead option.
  5. Leave having only 2 jab confirms but decrease the push back on hit slightly so you can get 2 from slightly farther away.
  6. Slow down back roll teching by 10 frames or so (need to test how much is reasonable maybe more).
  7. Lower trip guard to 2 frames.
  8. Ken fireballs on block -3 at point blank and Ryu’s -1.

I’d probably give Cammy back her medium from light links also. Not sure everyone needs them, but Cammy just feels incomplete without them to me.

Wishful thinking
10. Buff overheads universally. No overhead should be slower then 20 frames and either be a chunky hit or have some ability to link shit after it like SF3. I’d kill for the option to have a meaty UOH type thing for every character. No overhead that doesn’t lead to a combo should be punishable. Buff active frames on overheads to allow meaty setups.

If you were wanted, you would’ve known about it.

I’m saying either/or in regards to Jabs beating throws. I’d be fine with Jabs coming out slower, throws coming out faster (FYI: throws in 3S had 2 frame startup) or normals having more blockstun.

I’m used to slow overheads. Try using Alex’s st.HP against a dude with a full super who might parry in 3S, it’s fun. No sarcasm intended. I think slow overheads should either (A) be combo-able into something, even just super or (B) have more damage/stun attached to them.

Ryu needs to be safe on block after cr. mk xx hado. It looks like Capcom wants him to play like a mix of SF4 and SF3. Given that he has no donkey kick, he at least needs his most basic footsie tool. Every match I’ve watched so far shows Ryu playing almost the same as he always has. That means he’s going to be figured out very quickly, if not already.

And its not like he has Ken’s run, Rashid’s mixups, or whatever else. I literally see SF4 Ryu but with buffed fireballs during V-trigger. Same shit practically.