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Yeah her footsies are just much better. s.MP, f+HK, s.LP all have better range than they do in SFIV. She has much better walk speed and her regular dash is the one that crosses up so you can still play left/right mix ups while playing footsies with people. She’s not so stiff like in SFIV where you’re forced to commit to one play or the other.

Her second impact version was borderline broken as she had dumb damage off every hit confirm, but she traded damage for better footsies and mix up in 3S. She gets an actual c.MK in 3S and her c.MK slide from 2I becomes a df+MK command (like it is in SFIV) so she gets a legit low poke. Also gets the qcf+K command dash for pressure also.


U kidding me? Dhalsim not street fighter? He is one of the original world warriors, and has had a teleport since Hyper fighting. BTW he isn’t the only character with a teleport in SF4, but he is the only one in which it makes sense gameplay wise. Dhalsim’s teleport is a terrible runaway tool as well. It just puts him closer to the corner.

Street fighter is all about variety, and no one plays like Sim, plus he is still a ground based zoning/footsie character so he fits SF perfectly.


But can’t you actually say this for most of the characters in SFIV (where their previous incarnations had better buttons overall)?


Pretty much.


I wish they had a contest like the one Team Ninja just started today for DOA5LR, a costume design contest. Would love to make a costume for SF5 and have it as DLC, can’t wait to start drawing a costume for Momiji tonight! O_O


The PC modding group on this very forum do exactly that AND they do a far better job than any of the tripe Capcom/Udon have put out since the original alternate costumes released for vanilla.

Those guys are an unspoken pool of talent on this forum in my opinion. They put out some truly excellent stuff. Some of it obviously depends on one’s personal tastes, but irrespective of that the quality alone stomps over Capcom and Udon of late.

Seriously, check them out:


They should just do the whole paid mods thing that they tried for Skyrim for SFV. Capcom gets money, modders get money, we don’t have to deal with shitty Udon designs - sounds like a win for everyone.


Tali misses you. O_O and yes, pretty much, fuck Udon. >.>
But the Animal costumes are quite possibly the worst ones ever, if anything Cammy is the only one who looks adorable in hers, Cammy actually has the best costumes in general.


I like sakuras bunny costume! D:


when the fk is Ono gonna release some more info? I miss the old days when you wouldnt hear jackshit about a new fighting game, then you would buy a magazine and BOOM 4 color page spread of a new fighting game, new characters, blah blah. Its like dont tell mofos about a game that is barely 15% complete. Get your shit together so its 80% complete, then release a steady flow of shit.

I mean, whats the point of announcing a game 2 years in advanced, WTF, and then only releasin shit every 2 months. I get they wanna build the hype. But its like a hot bitch taking too long to get into bed or wanting too much foreplay. After a while, you think “fk, it bitch. Ima just bust a nut myself and go to sleep”


This! lol :slight_smile:


I actually was thinking originally that they would release new info, or a new character announcement/trailer every 2-3 months up until the supposed release next year. I came up with that from Ono’s statement in December when he said the game was 20% done with just 2 characters. Sure enough, at the end of February, we got Charlie’s announcement. However, my theory seems to be out the door because here we are, a lil’ over 2 months since then and haven’t see Bison’s trailer or whomever they planned to show. Who knows, with Capcom partnering with Pacquiao, and all the SFV gear they’ve been sporting, maybe Capcom will announce something today (doubtful).

Maybe, just maybe they’re waiting for E3 in June, but that’s another 6 weeks or so out. My guess is they’ll wait until E3 to make a handful of announcements (not just one character), and hopefully allow people to get their hands on it. Oh well, my analysis anyway…but it’s been a minute.


For anybody in the USA, today is free comic book day, and like in past years there’s a free SF comic today

Five generations of World Warriors collide in this epic new Street Fighter story for Free Comic Book Day 2015! Ryu, Charlie, Crimson Viper, Ibuki, and more put their martial arts skills to the test as they battle across the globe. A self-contained story, perfect for newcomers to the Street Fighter universe, or longtime fans!


what if ? they ditch the character select screen potraits and instead have character models for the VS screens like MKX/Killer Instinct ?


SFxT already did that.


Yeah, but still


They should have character models come up on the vs screen but add the ability to test your buttons with the character model before starting the match.


No I want* art*.


I am in favor of both , if capcom chooses either I’d be content


This would be great, but it might take some time if they movesets have to be loaded.