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So Is Balrog working for the Illuminati now?

Part of me thinks that maybe Capcom themselves fucked up the labelling on the DLC character silhouettes.

Fang looks and sounds like SHIT. Hopefully he plays well. Looking forward to Alex and Guile releasing, really hope they don’t turn Guile into another rushdown character.

Reeeaaally hope either Alex or Urien is first, they deserve it more than any of the others.

The season pass doesn’t come with alternate costumes for the starting roster it seems. :confused:

Hey, a character I’m interested in! He seems like a character that wants to poison you and zone with his sleeve normals. I’ll do a detailed analysis of what I see, after watching normally and at 1/4 speed:


-His name. F.A.N.G. Appears to be a code name. I wonder what it stands for?
-Between F.A.N.G., the poison, and his build, he seems like the token “snake-y” villain. Keep that design in mind while examining him.
-The first thing we see is him to a 2-hit kick which links to a horizontal kick, crane-style stance cancel, then some 2-hit punch that causes a poison effect
-We see him whiff punish Necalli’s rush with a 2-hit crouching kick that leaves him poisoned
-He does some kind of really low dash that goes under Rashid’s horizontal dive kick. Possible V-Skill?
-We see something that looks like a dash under Hadoken, followed by a throw (yay double groin kick) which puts them far away
-Cut to a vs Dhalsim clip where he’s already poisoned
-We see him create a stationary projectile that emits a poison cloud. He has time to recover and block a st.HP, which tags Dhalsim and re-poisons him
-He does some kind of laying stance that goes under Ken’s st.HK, and punishes with an odd rolling attack
-He has an anti-air poison shot that fires 2 projectiles
-He does a 2-hit kick, links into the horizontal kick from before, then cancels into the EX version of his stationary projectile. The first hit pops them up, and juggles into a second hit from the actual projectile. He has time to backdash between the hits. He then combos from the second hit of the EX into another EX, this time an EX horizontal punch that causes poison.
-Has some kind of goofy 2-hit anti-air normal that goes almost straight up
-Alpha counter is kind of like a Guard Cancel roll from CvS2 or KoF. Birdie does recover before he finishes, so it should be used sparingly.
-Back throw has him slip behind the opponent, knee them behind their knees to cause them to crumple, then axe kicks them in the face. Might cause poison, leaves him at point blank.
-EX anti-air poison shot does two looping projectiles like CvS2 Kyosuke
-Yolo EX poison punch
-Does some kind of one-inch-punch that crush counters, then V-Triggers. He follows up with a crouch punch, stance cancel, and a poison punch special
-Does the 2-hit kick, horizontal kick link into ground projectile, and cancels that into super. The jump he does on the way up before the flash has a hitbox.

He seems like a solid zoner, but relies more on buying time with poisons instead of actually hitting/chipping like Dhalsim.

yea I noticed that, They should give season pass holders a discount on the outfits that can’t be earned with fight money.

I hope it’s like CvS2 and depending on story path final boss is Bison, Urien, Akuma, etc having absorbed one of the others.

Much better than Fuerte for sure

Is every sweep a crush counter now ?

I noticed someone mentioned something about that in the chat too. They aren’t incredibly useful so far currently because of the lack of pushback and heavy negative frames so it would make them a lot more viable.

Yeah I think this is true because I saw Nash, Karin, and R.Mika get CCs off of their cr.RH so far.

EDIT: It looks like EX DPs put the character in a crush counter state as well. I saw Shigenosan (was that Woshige?) do EX DP with Ken against Combofiend’s Nash which whiffed. Combofiend did s.Fierce and got a crush counter.

Looks like all sweeps are Crush Counters now. Maybe hard knockdown on counter-hit? Haven’t seen anyone tech rise one yet on counter.

Fang looks quite different.

Very interested in seeing more from him.

Wow Woshige plz lol

This trailer reminds me of when Hakan first came out. The universal reaction of “WTF!” was priceless.

Counter hit sweeps being hard KD is pretty cool.

Edit: Has anyone done quickrise from it yet?

Possible, but doubt it Sweeps knockdown so quickly that I’m sure people just forget to do it.

Some thoughts while watching the exhibitions:

  • I think I’ve underestimated how legit dash up throw is, at least with command grabs. That might alleviate a lot of the concerns I have. It could work out to mean that there’s a strong incentive to press a lot of buttons in the midrange (which is great), or it could mean that people are going to play from a longer range, which would be awful.
  • They mentioned some nerf to Lauras shoulder. Worse on block or such.
  • No wonder LPN put R.Mika at the top, Combofiend got to do whatever the fuck he wanted lol. I’m also wondering what goes on behind the scenes. Combofiend tried to link after every time, but it’s been known for a while that it doesn’t work anymore. Maybe in a more current build it’s back?
  • R.Mika might’ve gotten a change to her V-Trigger? The assist comes out later. This seems pretty bad, as it doesn’t seem to work as a combo extender anymore.

Man I hope this is true because this is something Vesper and I suggested since the e3 build.