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Jealous Sakura amongst the next batch of DLC characters then?

Sunburnt Sakura and Akuma DLC package

I’d like if they put sf4 deejay with no focus but all his moves the same but charging being 6 frames :D…

Do you have a link to this change thread? I looked through the main forum but I’m not sure what kind of title to look for.

The move isn’t active until you are near so there aren’t a billion active frames while traveling like Bisons sweep, so it’s always negative. It was like this in Alpha 2 also, only safe based on distance and the speed of your opponents punish.

SNH Sakura (Scorned aNd Horny)

I don’t want anyone to ever complain about shipping elsewhere after this thread.

Am I the only one here who ships Vega (claw) / Chun Li? They have so much in common if only they would just sit down and have talk about their childhood issues. Chun being his significant other would give him the “motherly” love he needs to become a good man again.

Please bring back the WTF button, because wtf man. God dammit Udon, look what you started.

So nobody recorded infiltration vs graham wolfe?

The buffer system is this game is gonna take a while to get used to…so hard to buffer normals reliably

So full cast confirmed. Is FANG confirmed boss of the game? Because I get the feeling a boss and obvious Akuma reveal is still in store.

pretty sure fang isn’t the boss since he isn’t even the boss of his organization.

plus he’s way too goofy

Based on the cinematic intro, the boss seems to be Necalli.

Pretty easy man, just double tap a bit early in you link.

More like they’re trying to sell more pre-orders and special versions.

My problem is actually the other way around, specials come out too easily, even if you hold down the button to prevent negative edge.

I ship him with Cammy. It’s mostly due to what happened in Alpha 3. I’m sure he actually does have feelings for her.

looks like they moved the beta from starting on the 17th to the 18th. also, we’re getting “casual matches.” i really hope that means you’re going to be able to play endless with friends, especially since they’re giving out all those free beta codes.